The Target is Now Boozer, if the Carmelo to Chicago Thing is Still a Thing

Chicago trades Boozer, Anthony Randolph, and Greg Smith + the right to Sacramento's protected first round pick for Philadelphia's protected second rounder (or whatever's necessary to make it work)

That's around $19.5 million. They can throw in Snell if they want to bring it up to $21 million. This allows them to give Melo a true maximum contract.

Bulls' 2014 Starting Lineup:

Derrick Rose

Jimmy Butler

Carmelo Anthony

Taj Gibson

Joakim Noah

That team is tough. Of course it is assuming A LOT with Derrick Rose being healthy, but hypothetically that team is nice. Plus they'd have a nice guy off the bench in Dunleavy and the recently traded for on draft day Doug McDermott.

If they want to get Melo, I suppose there are other options than trading Boozer. They can amnesty him, as most know. Then I'd assume Boozer would get signed again by some other team so the Bulls wouldn't have to pay his full contract. At least 85 percent of it, though. It's not like Boozer's gonna get 5 million somewhere else. Then to get that last bit of cap space, maybe they somehow package those small salaried guys. This allows them to get Carmelo without giving up any real assets.

I think trading him is a better option for them. They won't even have to consider asking Melo to take a pay cut. They don't have to trade with other teams that probably won't want their small salaried guys or whatever sweetener it takes to get the deal. And, if we're to believe the frugality of the Bulls' ownership, they won't have to pay Boozer to not play.

If I'm a Bulls fan, I don't see the value in not doing this type of deal. The only way I wouldn't do it is if there is a real, near-panicked concern about Derrick Rose's health. If he gets injured yet again or he isn't the same player he was, you need all the draft picks you can get to start a semi-retool. Without Derrick Rose, the Bulls are illegitimate even if they have Carmelo Anthony. Looking at it from their perspective, trading away an 11-16 slotted first rounder is a very small price to pay to assemble a contending team. Assets are simultaneously under and overrated. It's situational. If we were to trade rosters with Chicago, would you guys really be pissed if we gave the Sixers Sacramento's first rounder (that is protected 1-10 through 2017) to get Carmelo? That's just silly. Years of injuries and a lacking offense mean you have to go for it now. The fit is perfect, and the East is weaker than the West. The only thing in the way of true shot at coming out the Eastern conference is health. Does the opportunity of drafting Montrezl Harrell really trump all of that?

I'm seeing on the inter webs the stuff about Wade to Chicago. Again, if I were the Bulls I'd be deadset on Melo. Hasn't lost a step and fits better. I wouldn't care about Wade's Chicago ties. Also, if I'm Carmelo, you get more money by winning. The deficit will be made up, and it's not like this is your last contract. The Knicks have zero talent and no future.

I remain unconcerned about the Sixers not jumping in on all these cap space deals. Something will come our way before trade deadline 2015. Or it won't, and everything will still be fine. But if the chance to get a true asset for a team like us (Sac's 2015 first rounder) presents itself, that would be splendid.

I don't know what would be best to do after a deal like this, regarding Boozer staying or buying him out. Maybe have him play then trade him, who knows. Hopefully we'll get to see.

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