Anyone else notice the order of the draft profiles on Sixers website?

So I was recently checking out the draft profiles on the Sixers website, which you can find here. They're actually very good, a great way to get a quick summary of each of the prospects they have there without having to spend too much time reading things. They also quote Draft Express and other sites at the end for each prospect. Obviously for more thorough analysis the draft express videos are awesome and other sites go more in depth.

But anyways, one thing I noticed and that has intrigued me slightly is the order in which they show the prospects' profiles on the page. From left to right, row by row, this is their order in which they appear (as of writing, they keep adding more):

  1. Wiggins
  2. Parker
  3. Embiid
  4. Exum
  5. Vonleh
  6. Randle
  7. Gordon
  8. Saric
  9. Smart
  10. McDermott
  11. Harris
  12. Nurkic

I originally didn't think too much of it, as it would be insane and stupid for the Sixers to reveal their board through something like this.

However, they clearly didn't put the prospect profiles in a random order, and not even alphabetical. Chad Ford was saying how he heard that Wiggins has been at the top of the Sixers board as well. This order looks an awful lot like some of the boards that people have for the Sixers, as Embiid might slip to 3 on the Sixers' board because of concerns with fit for Noel and we really need a scoring wing. Many people would say 8 is too high for Saric, but not everyone. 4 for Exum, 5 for Vonleh, 6 for Randle, 11 for Harris, etc. is pretty much right in line with many people's big boards.

My question then, is this: are the Sixers trying to send any subliminal messages through this order? Clearly they wouldn't reveal their actual board, and it would seem stupid to reveal anything before draft time, as Hinkie is as tight lipped as they come (as he should be). But could they be trying to send a smoke screen to other teams or subtly trying to influence how the fans feel about the prospects? Or could they be giving some small hints as to who they like?

I'm probably over thinking this too much but they did have to order the prospects by something, and they chose this order, on their official website no less. What are your theories? Is there anything at all to this, or nothing?

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