The "Tiers" and our picks.

It seems that the vast majority of our fan base (myself included) agree that there are 2 tiers at the top of the draft, each comprised of 4 players.

Tier 1

Wiggins, Embiid, Parker, and Exum

Tier 2

Vonleh, Gordon, Randle and Smart

These are the consensus top 8 players on just about everyone's board on this site from what I've seen and we would all be thrilled to have any 2 of those players (One from tier 1 and one from tier 2). We will be guaranteed to have at least 1 of those top tier players, and possibly 2 if some others slip to the 10th pick. McDermott, Nurkic, Saric, Stauskas, and Lavine seem to have the best shot of knocking one of those guys to us at 10 although it seems unlikely. If we get 2 of those top 8, there really is no need to trade. I would personally rather just stay at picks 3 and 10 and hopefully trade for another pick in the teens through Thad/Cap absorption/2nd rounders.

The question I pose is, if we are unable to obtain one of those second tier talents at 10, and no trade presents itself, how do your tiers break down after that? Is Saric tier 2a in most people's opinions? Is Lavine's upside so intriguing you reach? Do the pure shooters of Stauskas/McDermott offer the scoring upside that you take a shot on their defensive deficiencies? I'd love to hear the order of people's thoughts for that 10th pick if none from Tier 2 drop to 10. I know James Young, Gary Harris, and Hood are other names thrown around in that 3rd Tier based on other's comments. I have included 8 potential tier 3 players for conversation sake, but feel free to include more.

The goal of this post is for people to name their top 3-4 picks at 10. Anyone after those top 8 can be included in those top 3-4. This is a contingency plan and it seems that the third tier is very big at this point. I'd be interested in seeing if we could focus in on a more agreed upon Tier 3 of 3-4 players like the 1st 2 tiers. I'm leaning towards Saric, Stauskas, Lavine in that order. I'm kind of seeing the other guys available as a larger tier 4 at this point. Please share your thoughts/opinions.

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