Are we SURE we want Wiggins?

I'd like to go against the grain here for just a moment, if I may. Ever since Andrew Wiggins appeared on Youtube, every NBA fan (and NBA executive) have been licking their chops at the prospect of building a team around him. However, it wasn't until Sam Hinkie (heretofore referred to as Hink) bamboozled the Pelicans in last year's draft that Sixers fans had any reason to think he'd ever be ours. Since then, the Sixers have done everything they can to ensure that this team would be bad enough to potentially draft him with a top-3 pick.

But after all of the losing, all of the "cleaning house", all of the "Nerlens isn't ready to go yet" bologna...we finally have assets. And just as good, we have direction. For the first time in a long time the Sixers are a flexible team with realistic aspirations of long-term team improvement with a core group of talented players. But now that we have what we want: cap room, valuable trade bait (Thaddeus), and draft picks coming out of our ears, are we still POSITIVE that Andrew Wiggins is the best player for the Sixers?

We've all heard the reasons. Athletic freak, size, speed, length, defense, transition, blah blah blah. Not to mention some down-home Canadian impishness just to make him likeable. And it all makes sense given how the Sixers have their team set up at the moment from a philosophy standpoint (run-and-gun). But he needs to improve his dribbling a lot, and isn't very good at creating his own shots in isolation....and let's not forget the lingering questions about his "assertiveness" offensively.

This all sounds a little bit familiar, but why? Perhaps that's because (you could argue, and I am) those descriptors sound an awful lot like Andre Iguodala. Tremendous athlete, potential shutdown defender, great in transition, not great at creating his own shot in isolation, questionable aggressiveness and/or ability to be "The Guy" to take your buzzer-beaters. To be sure there are definitely differences between the players; Iggy is a bit heavier/stronger, Wiggins a bit higher jumper. Wiggins is a better spot-up shooter, but Iggy is much better at finishing around the rim through contact.

I'm not saying that Wiggins is the next Andre Iguodala...I'm just wondering aloud about the possibilty. If Wiggins never reaches his (now mythological) projected ceiling, he may one day become the spitting image of Andre Iguodala. Great defender, great teammate, great athlete in transition....not aggressive enough, can't create quality opportunities in isolation consistently, more of a Robin than a Batman.

What about the other option(s)? Jabari Parker is a polished ball handler and a good shooter who should only improve as the years go by, and although Andrew Wiggins is a ridiculous athlete...Jabari Parker is a hell of a good one. It's been a long time since Philadelphia had a bonafide scorer in town, and the last time we did the team was the best it's been in decades. Wiggins' speed, vertical, and defense make him a great fit for a team focusing on speed and athleticism. Parker is a legitimate scoring threat on a team that desperately needs it, whose defensive miscues could be masked well on a team built on length and rim protection.

So what's the right answer? Who is DEFINITELY the best fit for our team? If Andrew Wiggins isn't ALL he's cracked up to be, would it ruin our franchise to move up 2 spots to draft him? Is everyone REALLY sold 100% on Andrew Wiggins' potential to be a 'Batman' player who leads the franchise on deep playoff runs year after year?

If Andrew Wiggins maximizes his potential, he'll be the next player to be a perennial MVP candidate that impacts the game on both ends of the floor. If Jabari Parker simply augments his skills, he may be a perennial threat to be scoring champion and someone to trust when the team needs a tough bucket in a close game. No matter who does it, the team drafting Andrew Wiggins will be swinging for the fences. But it's good to remember that when you swing for the fences it's a lot easier to strike out.

BONUS: Grantland's Jalen Rose has Andrew Wiggins slipping to number 3 and being drafted by the Sixers. Check out the video of him laying it out, the video is time-stamped.

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