Rockets Salary Dump

The Dump: Asik, Lin, this year's 25th and a 2016th first rounder to the 76ers

Maybe a future 2nd or two added

This allows houston to offer melo a near max contract

Now this is a very possible salary dump for melo and one I know has a huge chance of happening, but as a rockets fan its hard to be unbiased. Now the rockets won't need to unload nearly as much salary but it might cost even more money than the bull's trade due to the poison pill contracts. It would 16.6 million in cap space but 30 million in actual money. The rockets also could get away with a lot less than the bulls because the players they're dumping are desirable, at least one of them that is in asik who is one of the very best defensive centers and rebounders in the league while lin is the definition of inconstant. He can give you 16pts and 4 assists off the bench one night and 4pts, going 2-10 and 3 TOs the other.

What I meant by the rockets have more leverage or options is unlike boozer, asik is very desirable and could be dump on the Mavs for free, but there is no way we would want to trade asik,one of the few dwight stoppers to a division rival. (just giving an example)

If the 76ers took asik they could either use him to help man the C position for a year while Noel develops or maybe flip him for a late 1st in next years draft. While the 76ers would probably have to eat lin's contract and if it does happen, you would have to suffer through a year of his fans invading and bombarding your sites. They are known as Lin Only Fans or LOFs, an anagram you would fear with dread so god be with you if this dump happens. Both their contracts expire after this season though.

Now to state why this has a big chance of happening is because Daryl Morey is Daryl Morey and Hinkie was his sidekick for years, so "connections". A benefit of this deal for the 76ers is would only take 16.6 million in cap leaving plenty of room for further smaller dumps.

Houston would keep its 34th pick because 2nd rounders do not count against the cap.

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