Possibly possible trade scenario! First Post! Take a look!

Hello impatient Sixers fans who CANNOT wait for the draft, like me. This is my first fan post so don't go too hard on me. (Michael Levine I am a HUGE fan of your writings so if you commented on this it would probably make my life…not to be creepy). So anyway, I have an interesting scenario I think the Sixers could benefit from partaking in. First, trade the #10 pick, Thad, and a few second rounders + a future first rounder to the Cavs for the #1 overall pick and some other assets. I think the Cavs would definitely do this trade because they are looking for a potential big man, which the could get a solid PF in Thad and they could get a good player/center with the 10th pick. (Jusef Nurkic) For us, it would be an AMAZING trade because we could get Embiid with the 1st pick in the draft and then get whoever the Bucks pass on with our number 3 pick. This is sort of what the Pistons did with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, although they were not a great fit because they both have the same game. Anyway, Imagine a starting lineup like this:


SG: Free agent signing/late first round trade? (PJ Hariston?)

SF: Wiggins/ Parker

PF: Noel

C: Embiid

If we are able to get a good SG in maybe the late first round or early second round (PJ Hairston?) this has potential to be a crazy contending lineup, as well as one of the biggest lineups in the league. This is just a crazy scenario thought I have as I was feeling a little bit like Sam Hinkie tonight. Although this MOST LIKELY will NOT happen, I still feel like it could be a great thought. Thank you for reading this pointless post everybody. Maybe some more pointless scenarios will come from me if I get some positive feedback (I will still probably post one if I get negative posts as well). #TOGETHERWEBUILD

Extra thoughts: Maybe even if we did this trade we could get Wiggins with the #1 pick and then if the Bucks get Embiid (which it sounds like will happen if he is available) then we could have Wiggins and Parker on the same team…MCW, Wiggins, Parker, Noel…

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