I Call It, The Plan B That Isn't So Bad

Everyone's wet dream is for Andrew Wiggins to slide to the 3rd pick and then Hinkie is given the key to Philadelphia and a domino effect happens and we end up with the Philly Phanatic teaming up with the Sixers Flight Squad and having his fat ass doing back flips off the mini trampoline and leaving 4 wheeler skid marks all over the court.

But that not happening........... maybe.

But this post is a Plan B Scenario that isn't so bad.

Some people want Jabari Parker, some want Dante Exum, at #3

Some want Aaron Gordon, some want Doug Mcdermott at #10

Ill Tell you who i want.

Julius Randle and James Young.

*Note* I'm not a Kentucky fan nor do i care for them.

But they do not fail when it comes to NBA prospects, just look at the past 3 drafts and drool.

now let me explain.

First off, lets say Wiggins and Embiid go 1 and 2, and we trade down with Utah so they can have their Mormon savior Jabari Parker, and they give up their 5th + 23rd + Future 2nd Rounder and Orlando Picks Exum.

Now, I don't care about Thaddeus Young (actually i do) but Kiss him on the forehead, pack him his lunch and wish him the best, And welcome in Julius Randle. Julius Randle is a tank. And with time, he will bulk up even more and look like his draft comparison (Z-Bo) But i understand that his defense is in question and he is turnover prone. But he shoots 70% from the line. and 51% from the field. Passes well. Is a Rebounding guru. And is a Double-Double machine. And that's all i want. Him and Nerlens Noel will be a promising front court. But please, throw out the "they both played for Kentucky so they will have chemistry" because that's a ludicrous idea that people get. Obviously they both played under John Calipari, and under constant pressure to preform at an elite level coming out of high school. But expecting an instant connection on the court is not guaranteed, but with Brent Brown, it can happen.

Juluis Randle's old school mentality meets Nerlens Noel's high top block party...


James Young.

First off, he stole my heart when he dunked all over Uconn in the biggest game of his life. And i was hooked.

He is an 18 year old Lefty, has a 7 foot wingspan and His agent is Jay-Z. And looks like Ol' Dirty Bastard

But his defense isn't the best, his footwork isn't the best, his game isn't consistent. But he shoots, and shoots, and shoots, he is a high flying, 3 point shooter. And the Sixers need a young, athletic, 3 point shooter, hello James Young.

he shot 40% from the field and 35% from 3, and 70% from the line, not exciting numbers but with a pure shot and uptempo offense, they are sure to rise.

How he fits in?

James Young with Michael Carter-Williams in the backcourt seems like it will work out. With MCW's "Pass First" style of basketball meets James Young's catch and shoot game, it has potential. They are both tall and lengthy, and Young was Randles teammate in Kentucky, so he will have a familiar face in the locker room.

i mean, who wouldn't like a

Michael Carter-Williams - James Young - Jason Richardson - Julius Randle - Nerlens Noel starting 5?

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