Rest of Offseason Plan

Current Depth Chart

1) MCW/Pierre Jackson/Tony Wroten

2) Tony Wroten/ J-Rich/James Anderson

3) K.J McDaniels/ Hollis Thompson/ Jerami Grant

4) Thaddeus Young/ Jerami Grant

5) Nerlens Noel/ Henry Sims

(Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Kazemi, Micic, Aldemir)


We can assume that with our salary cap space, we will strike a deal with Chicago/Cleveland/Houston or someone looking to get rid of a bad contract. At the very least, I expect Sam to wrangle a protected 1st rounder from one of these teams.

+2015 late first rounder

Free Agency

I really think we should make a run at Eric Bledsoe. When healthy, he’s an all-star. He plays hard-nosed defense, can shoot the 3, and is extremely young and athletic. I have been debating and feel like I would have zero issue with us offering him a max, 4-year contract. Although he would hurt our draft position and future cap flexibility, I can’t imagine a better backcourt mate with MCW. Phoenix probably won’t let him leave, but a max deal would be a lot for them. They are said to be hot after Lebron & Melo, and they have just drafted Tyler Ennis. I would be surprised, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Also, I strongly believe we should go after pieces like Jordan Hill, Mike Miller, Steve Blake & CJ Miles, veteran guys we can get for cheap one or two year deals. Especially if Thad leaves, we need established on our bench to show the young guys how to conduct themselves.

+Eric Bledsoe

+Hill, Miller, Blake

Speaking of Thad….


I love the way Thaddeus has conducted himself on and off the court since arriving here from Georgia Tech. But, he is reported to want out of Philly after the year, and we need to get something for him now or before the deadline. Either way, contenders that miss out on the Big Three/Melo sweepstakes should be wise to pursue Thad. He’s awesome, and would be a GREAT 4th or 5th contributor for a championship team. Perkins and OKC’s 1st for Thad? Steven Adams has taken over Kendrick’s role, and Ibaka can play the center too. Feel like that’s a good deal for everyone.

*Buy Perkins out so he doesn’t scare all of our rookies

+2015 late first rounder


With this blueprint, our KEY assets going into the 2015 offseason could look like this:

Carter-Willy/ Pierre Jackson

Eric Bledsoe/ Tony Wroten

K.J McDaniels/ Jerami Grant

Nerlens Noel

Joel Embiid/Sims

AND, with this in the safe!!!!

Dario Saric

Vasilije Micic

Furkan Aldemir

Arsalan Kazemi

2015 Top 10 Pick (PHI)

2015 Late First Round Pick (HOU/CHI)

2015 Late First Round Pick (OKC)

2015 Second Round Pick (PHI)

2015 Second Round Pick (GOLDEN ST.)

2015 Second Round Pick (NO)

2015 Second Round Pick (ORL)

The only thing far-fetched is the Bledsoe signing. Even if that doesn’t happen we are still absolutely freakinnn loaded, and without Bledose’s contract we would have an even more ridiculous amount of cap room.

Get it done Sam, I have faith.

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