The Diabolical Hinkie

I think my appreciation for Hinkie has reached a dangerous level. I'm convinced he's playing whatever game is like 8 times harder than chess, while most of the league plays checkers. I'll give credit to a couple guys playing chess, but I don't know if anybody can hang with Hinkie. But just how diabolical is this genius?

After taking in all of the post draft information, combining that with some of the pre-draft rumors, I've developed a theory about Saric that I can't shake. What if Hinkie was instrumental in his signing in Turkey? I'm sure that breaks about 100 NBA rules, but this is just a theory on a fanpost so I think I can throw it out there.

My theory plays out like this... There was some truth to the Wiggins rumors pre-draft. Any time a coach or GM gets in front of a mic, they throw shade at the media and say they're clueless. In reality, some of these guys are pretty good at what they do. Think about how much they get right year round, they have legit sources. Prior to the Embiid injury, you had three studs in the draft, and the Sixers had a top 3 pick. They can probably work something out to land Wiggins. Boom, Embiid's injury changes the game. Suddenly Wiggins is expected to go number 1 and the trade cost to get him has gone through the roof. This is where Hinkie 'sniffed opportunity', and he changed his gameplan accordingly.

Another important factor here is that I think the Sixers were big fans of Saric headed into this draft. The history Hinkie discussed when answering a question about scouting Saric was pretty impressive. Plus, seriously, Saric is going to be legit.

Back to Hinkie's gameplan. No way he's going to spend all the assets he worked to acquire just to get up to one and draft Wiggins. So he gets with Josh Harris and says, "Look, I want to run it back and take Embiid. We're going to do the same thing we did last year and if you're patient enough, it'll make us that much better long term." Josh Harris just nods his head because he knows better than to question this man.

Now, what to do with 10? How about they take another stash-type player? How about they devalue the best Euro player available and guarantee he's a stash? So, Hinkie calls his "partner" Jeff Schwartz and breaks it down for him. Boom, two days before the draft Saric has a contract in Turkey. What kind of timing is that??? Maybe he even tells Schwartz he'll quit trying to trade his other client MCW if he plays along.

It's out there, I know. But would you put it past Hinkie? And I know breaking down broken English is a dangerous excercise, but why did Saric answer that it was "best for Philly" when asked why he signed in Turkey? Why was Brett Brown so impressed that the draft played out exactly how Hinkie set it up? And if Saric was a target all along, as Brett intimated, what better way to guarantee you get him than to devalue him with a Euro contract? Why would Hinkie consider himself anywhere near a partner to Jeff Swartz? Do they really need to discuss MCW that much one year into a rookie deal? Why would Saric suddenly have a change of heart two days prior to the draft?

I'm probably just going to keep assuming that this is how Hinkie operates, but let me know what you think. Let's chop it up.

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