Dario Saric Dances His Way to Philly: the facts and fiction we all need to know.

Dario Saric the Next Big Thing or the Next Sixers’ Mascot?

First of all I will not overdo what has been done evaluating the Saric trade, but I wanted to add my vote of approval to Hinke’s genius by not only redeeming the poor choices of the past, finding a way to stash one of his picks, or getting the best player available –because he simply had the foresight to pick the right guy at 10, the guy that someone would bite on (even if it meant giving a ton to move two spots). Though I am extremely excited about a possible front court of Embiid, Noel, and Saric (wing-span aplenty in the paint) sometime in the next twenty to fifty years, I wanted to take a second at look at what Saric brings us in the present.

There was an article being reported on ABC News Philadelphia last week in regards to the Sixers hiring a new mascot to take the place of Hip Hop (you can read the article here). Enter Dario Saric. From my quick glance at the job description posted on, I have a strange feeling that the highlight tape "all the best highlights of the season" that Hinke found on Saric was actually Dario Saric’s audition for the Sixers mascot job. Either way we know that GM Sam Hinke must have seen Saric’s basketball talent come through enough to trade for the 6’10, 20 year old from Croatia for the actual Sixers team. What a surprise for Dario. It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. A simple tape for a mascot audition turns into an inevitable NBA contract. Welcome to America Saric. It was also rumored that Saric would not have signed his three-year overseas deal with Anadolu Efes S.K. if he had gotten the mascot job (or at least an interview) according to my source.

First you need to watch his highlight film and then you can judge for yourself if Saric has the talent to take our 76ers mascot to the next level. Since the Sixers were also looking for new mascot suggestions, Saric did his best to show off is versatility.

Watch the highlight tape – "mascot audition" - that must have gotten him drafted: here

A Quick Review (if you didn’t want to take the time to watch it):

Serenading (:13) or singing (1:49) Saric obviously has the chops. At 2:31 he’s back at it again – doing the flying sweeping hand motions of a man possessed to eventually take flight. At 3:05 he does a tribute to Macaca Fascicularis everywhere and quickly transitions (3:10) to mimic the flightless, national bird of Exum’s down under. Finally at 3:21 we get a grand finale; in all its glory he shows us why he deserves the infamous Hip Hop job with a bunny bound of sublime proportions. And the people rejoice (3:22).

The rest of the video just goes on to show off Saric’s absolute beastly articulation and social presence. In fewer words, he is a man among men. I think the only thing he can’t sing is a polished rendition of O Cameroon, Cradle of our Forefathers.

Let’s see how Saric fits with the mascot qualifications:
High school diploma or equivalent GED degree. College graduate preferred
Minimum 2 or more years experience as a mascot at the collegiate, minor or professional league level
Choreography and/or skit writing experience
Good interpersonal skills (especially with children)
Good with spontaneous crowd-interaction
Ability to dance (professional dance training a plus)
Acting experience a plus
Performer training a plus
Music and video editing a plus
Great personality
Must be reliable and punctual
Strong non-verbal communication skills
Organization skills
Sales/marketing/customer service experience or background a plus

I tried to highlight the things that we can obviously see as natural talent or previous experience (which wasn’t hard because he already did it for us), yet we do not know enough about the amazing Saric to evaluate if he is qualified enough or if the Sixers made the wrong choice not to at least bringing him in for an audition. Obviously we can see that his video editing skills are top notch. Let’s just hope his jump shot is even half this good.

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