Can Hinkie Shock you in Free Agency ?

You think you know what Sam Hinkie is all about ?

Think Again. He's not only building for the future, I doubt if he passes up a once in a lifetime opportunity to add players to this team this year that are transcendent.

Any GM would be foolish not to consider it. But can Hinkie get it done ? Don't count him out.

Melo and Bron are not just looking at the immediate future, they're looking at the long-term future and probably where they want to finish their careers and seal their legacy. What better place then the Sixers ???

I'm just shocked that more people are not on board with this idea. I know no matter what I say, this idea can be shot down easily by the doubters, but it doesn't matter, until they sign somewhere else, we have just a good chance as any, if not better, to land these future HOFer's.

I would go into detail about what is enticing about this situation, but you're gonna laugh it off anyways, as you've done when I've mentioned this in the comment section. So I'm not going to bother going into details.

But just picture this: You have Nerlens, Thad and MCW already, you add LeBron and Melo to the starting five this year. Then you have Embiid return before the playoffs. And you can have all our picks like McDaniels, Grant, Jackson, coming off the bench and contributing. If they need, they can buy out the contracts of the two European stars and bring them over. This team has the players now and for the foreseeable future, has salary cap space, has a GM who knows what he's doing in regards to how to keep your roster strong forever and manage your cap at the same time. Brett Brown is just as good an option as any that they have at this point as a coach.

And my personal favorite reasoning is that both the Stars would feel like it's their team from the start, they wouldn't be walking into someone else's team, they can take charge right from the beginning. The first year, like with any team, will be a transitional year, but by year 2, there should be nothing stopping this team from winning Multiple Championships. Hinkie has stockpiled defensive players on this team with Nerlens and Embiid, and both McDaniels and Grant. MCW is a star in the making. All we need to do is add offense, and this juggernaut is ready to explode. And friends, I know you're shaking your head, but this opportunity just does not come by every year or even every few years where everything is perfect (salary cap, franchise players available, youth/talent on the team, etc etc). This is the perfect scenario and with Hinkie being as responsible a GM as he is, he's probably got his claws way deep into this as we speak.

I know no one buys it right now, but it's something that has to be pursued if you're a responsible GM. You're still building for the future, but you're not ignoring the present. We have enough assets already, and you add a Lebron and Carmelo to the mix and you're set for the next 5 years in terms of competing for a Championship.

Just imagine for a second the starting 5 of LeBron, Carmelo, Nerlens, MCW and Embiid. It's scary and the scarier part is that Hinkie will keep on adding talent to keep this going forever.

Now I know you're still not buying a word of what I'm saying in regards to why would LeBron and Carmelo even want to come here. But if they are as intelligent as they portray in regards to this process, I don't think they'll find a better overall long-term situation then this. None. This is their best option.

Are you ready to believe ?

We are ready to take off this year, and let's not hold ourselves back, as a fan base, we need to make as much noise as possible about this.

The ball's in your court.

Whatever you do, don't let Hinkie catch you with your pants down about this situation, you know he will.

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Charles Barkley: 'The Sixers will be a destination for Free Agents'

There's a thinking out there that for some reason we have to suffer for a few more years before we can win again, and it's the farthest thing from the truth. We can win NOW, after just one short year of tanking and masterful moves by our resident Genius GM, we're in a situation that maybe we were hoping to be in a few years from now. The future is Here Now, are you not seeing it ???

And one last thing, the best and fastest way for our young talent to develop is to see first hand what it takes to win by playing along the best of the best right now. There is no better teacher, otherwise these players might or might not develop, but being around the likes of LeBron and Melo, will put them on the fast track for growth in all aspects. This move just makes so much sense on all levels for the fan base to be behind it. The fact that we're not is just baffling to me.

And even if the fan base might or might not see this, I am sure Hinkie sees it, and more importantly LeBron and Melo see the potential... luckily, we only have to wait till next week to find out.

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