76ers/Lakers/Cavs Trade

Lakers give: Nash to the 76ers and the 7th to Cleveland

Lakers get: MCW and maybe 2nd sweeteners from 76ers

76ers give: MCW to the lakers and thad, the 10th along with maybe wroten and/or 2nd sweeteners to the Cavs and/or lakers

76ers get: The 1st pick, nash, Jarret Jack

Cavs give: Jarret Jack, the 1st pick

Cavs get: The 7th, 10th, thad and possibly wroten and/or 2nd round sweeteners

Why the Lakers do it:

They get to unload nash's contract to open about 9 million more dollors for FAs and avoid having to burn money to watch him sit on the bench.However the main part is they get a rising star, ROY, and finally find that elusive PG of their future. 2nds might be needed, but with them also unloading nash's contract without salary back, I doubt it.

Why the Cavs do it:

They trade down receiving two top 10 picks to fill much need positions and depth such as Gordon for the SF position to provide a shut down defender, great passer and rebounder or Randle to provide a much need bruiser paint presence. With the 10th, they could add the best offensive player in college in Douge Mcdermot who can play both positions and be a stretch 4. or they could spend that 10th pick on a SG to better pair with Kyrie Irving and move Dion to the bench as the 6th man.They could go for James Young, a great shooter and slasher with good athleticism and potent defense potential. Stauskas who is the best shooter in the class while adding another playmaker on the floor, or they could opt for Harris. A decent shooter with fantastic defensive intensity. While getting more picks, the cavs unload Jarret Jack's ugly contract. The cavs also get a two way forward who could be a 6th man of the year candidate in thad or flipped for another 1st. Wroten could become their backup PG with decent upside if included. 2nd rounders would probably needed here to make it more desirable where the cavs can add much needed depth.

Why the 76ers do it:

The 76ers get 2 top 3 selections and selling high on MCW. The 76ers could get two possible superstars in Dante Exum who is much younger and higher ceiling than MCW, and Andrew Wiggins which has been their main guy all season long. A core of Exum-Wiggins-Noel would be basically a copy of the thunder in Westbrook-Durant-Ibaka, but more international. This leads the 76ers to be primed for another top 5 pick in next year's draft to pick up another significant core piece to he puzzle.

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