Lebron James to the Sixers makes virtually no sense

I say virtually because under Sam Hinkie, my savior, anything is possible. But I generously give Lebron James a .5% percent chance of coming to Philadelphia.

A couple absolutes need to be said before I supply any of my (rookie) analysis.

- Lebron James is the best player in the world

- Every team would run through hoops to get him

- Because he is a free agent, every fan will come up with a bunch of awesome, logical reasons why they are the perfect fit for his or her respective team.

Now that those are out of the way, I can back up my opinion guessed it...more of my opinion.

My argument starts with the foundation that Lebron James is looking to win championships now. I don't care what anyone says, Lebron is not waiting any longer for any more championships. He's getting to that point in his career (well, the standard NBA player's career, and we all know he is from standard), where he has maybe one to three years left in his prime before things start slowing down.

Adding to that foundation, if Lebron James chooses to come to Philly, they are still not winning the championship next year. And that is, naturally, conflicting with my foundation expressed in the previous paragraph. Even with Lebron the Sixers do not have enough talent nor depth to win a championship, and I will say that holds true even if they bring in another big name free agent. Fact of the matter is, unless Nerlens Noel is the second coming of Anthony Davis, Chris Bosh - however flaky verse the Spurs - is better than any player on the Sixers. The Sixers supporting cast is no better, and perhaps even worst than the Heat's supporting cast was with Lebron during this past season.

Adding our rookie draft pick, excluding the possibility that Andrew Wiggins (should we miraculously get him) is the second coming of Durant, we still would not win a championship.

The theme of my message is this. Lebron James isn't winning a championship next year if he comes to Philly, unless a very rare and miraculous set of events take place (we get the top prospect in the draft who turns into an all star and Carmelo Anthony). And Lebron James doesn't want that. He's not waiting anymore. He doesn't want to help a team rebuild, even if it just for a year.

I love when things like this happen in the NBA because fans suddenly mistake "this makes sense" for "this is the best option". For Lebron, free agency just became one of those middle school multiple choice tests. Yes, there are a lot of answers that make sense, and the Sixers are indeed one of them, but it is not the best answer.

This happens with made up trades too. Yes, a lot of trades make sense for teams to make, and will work with salary restrictions and contracts. But teams don't make trades because they "make sense", or "work", or they just get bored with their roster. Teams only make trades when they think they are clearly benefiting more than the other guy. That is how basketball works, that is how business works, that is how life works. You make a trade because you think you will be better off.

So yeah, in a vacuum, Lebron coming to the Sixers makes a lot of sense. We have the money, we have the youthful core, and we have a pretty good basketball city.

But these things no way in hell mean it is the best decision for Lebron. If this was the Lebron of 4 years ago, who had some time to help a team rebuild, then I would say the Sixers are more of a best fit team. But Lebron has no time to spare. It is full throttle to the ring. The Sixers simply have too much time to spare in the rebuilding process that Lebron James can't afford.

It makes sense for the King to replace his sunglasses with a cheesesteak, but it is far from the right decision.

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