Embiid Draft Conspiracy?

While reading reports on other players who suffered from stress fractures on their navicular bones on brewhoop, I read a Woj bomb that made me think.

But first, let's discuss the pre -injury draft pick trade talks between the Sixers and Cavs. The trade stems from the fear of the Sixers missing out on drafting Wiggins, and having an asset in Thad Young that they were offering plus the #3 pick for the swap. And if it weren't for the Cavs fear that Embiid would get picked at #2 by the Bucks instead of falling to #3, the trade would've probably been verbally agreed upon, after all the Cavs are getting the player they originally wanted AND a free asset just for us being insecure.

While doing research on the nature and history of big men and navicular bone injuries, 2 past big men who suffered from this give a bit of optimism. And both of them, Kevin McHale and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, were able to continue playing at very high levels after dealing with these injuries. McHale played through the injury during the 1987 playoffs, making and losing the finals. He had surgery that off season, missed the first month of the next season, and poof it was over. He then Played 64 of 68 games and made 4 Allstar games after dealing with this injury. Best case scenario. Big Z however missed his rookie season, played 29 games over the next 3 seasons and then seemed to be done with the injury completely.

According to Dr Kenneth Hunt, prof. of orthopedics at Stanford, the healing rates are high if properly dealt with and the majority of these injuries will heal completely. He also says it's good to spot this early and treat it appropriately, which is the specific case here. It would take a more in depth look into the situation to figure out exactly where Embiid is between Big Z and McHale in terms of his unique case, or if it's even worse. It would seem that only the Cavs would know the specifics here. But that's no longer the case.

This is where the Wojbomb comes into play. Apparently, the agent of Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker ( they have the same agent) made a deal where the Cavs ( the only team who worked out Embiid) and the Bucks ( who worked out Parker) would share info from each players workout with each other.

Where am I going here? How is this significant? What if the Cavs information falsely sends the Bucks into team panic? This is assuming that the Bucks possibly had their own smokescreen, saying they'd draft Jabari while really having their eyes on Wiggins or a healthy Enbiid. If the Cavs send vague information on Embiid, the Bucks would have no choice but to not take him at #2 and then bam he drops to 3, we get a call and we make the trade and get Wiggins for #3 and Thad. If I'm the Cavs and I know that this case is more similar to McHale than Ilgauskas, I'm still aiming for Embiid while trying to grab a free asset from Philly who might even feel more pressure since Embiid's stock dropped (bye bye #10 and some 2nds???).

So is #teamconspiracytheory crazy? Is this plausible? Or should I put down my tinfoil hat? Thanks for reading.

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