My 30-Man Big Board

I'm going to attempt to create some semblance of a Big Board. Here goes nothing.

1. Joel Embiid - with a clean bill of health, he has to be #1. A big man who can move the way he can with his potential on both sides of the court is too valuable to not be here. Rim protection=gold.

2. Andrew Wiggins - his defense is ahead of his offense right now but it'll come along. His crazy athleticism goes well with the way the league is going, in terms of pace. His potential on offense and defense is what has him just barely ahead of Jabari Parker.

3. Jabari Parker - this dude can flat out score. Every team can use someone who can fill it up, even if they can't play defense all that well. Yes, he leaves a lot to be desired on defense but you can work around that. Also, his offensive game is not as good as it can get. He definitely can work on his shot selection, which will help with his consistency. Having more than 1 NBA-caliber player with him will help that.

4. Julius Randle - tough as nails big-man who can handle the ball well and can play with his back to the basket. Also has a developing face-up game which will keep defenders honest. If he continues to stay in shape and work hard on defense, he'll be a star.

5. Dante Exum - I haven't seen much of him but he has nice size for a PG. Great athlete with serious upside. Can play in 2 guard sets, which is very valuable in today's NBA.

6. Dario Saric - I haven't seen a ton of him either but I just love what he has to offer offensively. Works very well in transition as a passer and a scorer. Has an inconsistent outside game but has a solid stroke, just needs to work on consistency. Prototypical stretch-4 in today's NBA. Would be an outstanding partner with a great rim protecting 5.

7. Aaron Gordon - if you give me a guy who can potentially cover all 5 positions, to an extent, I'd be absolutely thrilled. Especially, when he can contribute in transition. His shot is a work in progress but does show that he can improve in that area. Defensive potential makes him very sexy.

8. Noah Vonleh - here's another stretch-4 who has everything you could ask for, measurements and athleticism-wise. He was super inconsistent in his only season at Indiana but has very good upside. Probably the best rebounder in the class. Offensively, he is very raw. Shows an inside-out game but it is very inconsistent.

9. Marcus Smart - at the very least, he will be an absolute bully on the defensive end. Great physical profile for a guard and he is super tough. Offense is very raw but he excels when he is attacking the rim and drawing fouls. Jump shot will take some serious work to become good. He'll be the type of player you love when he's on your team and hate when he's not a la Joakim Noah.

10. Zach LaVine - serious athlete who can soar. Far from a finished product but it's easy to get excited about him. If he can bulk up and work on his defense, he's going to be a special player. Very Westbrook-like he is.

11. Nik Stauskas - might be the best shooter in the draft. He showed this past year at Michigan that he can do a little more than just score off of spot-ups too. Solid athlete with good size for a 2. He can even play the 1 some with his underrated handle.

12. James Young - great size and scoring ability. His offensive game has only scratched the surface of how good it can potentially be. Great attacking the rim and improving from mid-range/deep.

13. Gary Harris - he is a very good defender who can shoot the 3 pretty well. He probably won't get much better than he already is but a 3 and D guy who can guard both guard spots is very valuable.

14. Adreian Payne - the best senior in the draft. Good athlete with good size. Showed an increase in range as his college career went along. Solid on defense and on the boards. Needs to bulk up some but should be a solid stretch-4.

15. Doug McDermott - not a great athlete but he can just get buckets. Super quick release with endless range. High basketball IQ. Solid fit as a guy who can score quick points off the bench.

16. Elfrid Payton - excellent athlete who excels on defense. Offensive game is very raw but he has solid vision.

17. Tyler Ennis - not a super great athlete but is a pure point guard. Not great at scoring but can facilitate pretty well.

18. KJ McDaniels - another lock down defender who is a great athlete with great size. Does a good job finishing around the basket but not great from 3. Took a lot of bad shots at Clemson.

19. Cleanthony Early - very versatile on the offensive end. Improving from deep and can also score inside. Also very good on the offensive boards. He's a very Thad Young-like player to me.

20. Kristaps Porzingis - skilled big man who can score in a multitude of ways. Has 3 point range along with a good inside game. Good athlete for his size but could add some strength. Best name in the draft.

21. Jerami Grant - outstanding athlete with great size. Has an improving offensive game but is still inconsistent with his shot. Doesn't really have a position but he can rebound and works hard.

22. Kyle Anderson - he's a 6'10" point guard, basically. Not a great athlete but he can flat out pass the ball. Also showed an improved shot this past year. Needs the ball to be successful.

23. Rodney Hood - has elite size for the 2 and is a super elite shooter with a solid mid-range game. If he can show a willingness to defend, look out.

24. PJ Hairston - another big guard who can shoot the heck out of the ball from 3. Great toughness and can finish at the rim. Not a great ball handler.

25. Clint Capela - this guy is a great athlete who is very large. He's super raw but is a very good defender and rebounder. Good in transition. Could use some added bulk.

26. Spencer Dinwiddie - Big point guard who is a good enough shooter to play the 2. Super aggressive and has a great handle. Not an elite athlete but has an elite mustache.

27. Shabazz Napier - every team can use a player like him. Great handle with quick hands on defense. Can flat out score the ball from anywhere. Undersized but exudes toughness. Will excel as a back-up point guard in the NBA.

28. Jarnell Stokes - he's a poor man's Julius Randle. An absolute beast down on the block. Good rebounder. Doesn't have the greatest size.

29. CJ Wilcox - great shooter who shows toughness on defense. Solid athlete with decent size.

30. Bogdan Bogdanovic - big versatile guard who can shoot it. Very solid passer. Also gets an A+ for the name.

BONUS: Damien Inglis - he's freaking huge. Great defender who can rebound pretty well. If he can improve his jump shot, he'll be a good player. Might be my favorite 2nd round prospect.

And this concludes my first ever attempt at a big board. What do you guys think?

(I used Chad Ford and DraftExpress to help form some of these statements, along with my own opinions.)

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