Name Your Draft Day Trades

This is meant to be a fun article to name trades you think will happen or should happen. Keep them within the laws of realism, explain them maybe ti give them more life, and try to be fair to all sides.

Mine are

  • Lakers trade the 7th and nash for Thad, the 10th and 39th to the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Lakers get to dump Nash's ugly contract and not watch him waste an expensive Staple's Center courtside seat, while getting a proven two way contributing forward who can help the Lakers depleted frontcourt and kobe to compete now, along with a top 10 pick and another early 2nd to add depth and much needed youth. The 76ers move back into the top 8 to get a 2nd tier talent to pair with their #3 pick (wiggins).
  • Kings trade the 8th, Jason Terry, and Derrick Williams for Larry Sanders to Milwaukee Bucks. I think this trade will definitely happen if the bucks draft embiid, but could still happen due to all the athletic big men the bucks have to fill the center position, namely John Henson.
  • Kings get their rim protector and move cousins to PF while the bucks free up cap space with contracts that expire in the next year and get the 8th pick to continue their rebuild. A lineup of Elfrid Payton, Brandon Knight, Giannsis, Parker, Henson would be a badass core with loads of two way potential to build around.
  • Charlotte Bobcats trade the 9th, 24th, Luke Ridnour, Ben Gordon for Arron Afflalo, and Jameer Nelson to the Orlando Magic.
  • Its a lot of salary, but its meant to make the cap work with most of it expiring. Now the bobcats get their two way star, starting SG and great shooter to spread the floor for that core. I'd say they are guaranteed home court in the East. Magic gets a third top dozen pick along with a mid twenties in a very stacked draft to further acquire talent and continue their rebuild.
  • As added notes, I see the thunder staying put like they always do, and the rockets trading the rights of the 25th pick player they chose to dump with lin to either the jazz, magic, 76ers, or lakers in free agency in July.
  • This is more hypothetical ideas, not necessarily what I believe will happen.
    • I could post a celtics love trade, but every report says they are outgunned. A bulls, love trade could happen.Chicago Bulls trade the 16th, 19th, 49th, a future 1st, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Tony Snell, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich and a couple un-guaranteed contracts for Love and Corey Brewer to the Minnesota Timber-wolves.
    • Chicago gets their superstar PF in Kevin Love and a two way starting SF in brewer. The bulls then amnesty boozer and go after a reasonably larger FA or fill out the bench. The wolves get plenty of assets for their rebuild, younger players with potential, and the desired veterans.
    • Other trades I could see happening, the suns trading up for the lakers pick with their multitude of firsts, Chicago instead of Love switching 16&19 for the Nuggets 11th, 76ers trading back into the 1st round with 2nds, Jazz trading down, and if wiggins and embiid go 1 and 2 along with Orlando picking Marcus Smart I could see the 76ers trading down parker to the Jazz for the 5th pick (exum), 23rd, 35th, future 1st and Alec Burks.
    • Thoughts, opinions, you trades?

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