As badly as I want Wiggins...

...It's better to use Thad to move up to get our Starting power forward for the next decade. For the last few months, I've been in the camp of, whatever we've gotta do to land Wiggins, do it. However, the finals reminded me that 5 truly buying into a program and playing together can not only beat the team with the better individual talent, but that is the way the game was meant to be played; and it's beautiful to watch. You can have your OKC/Indy/Houston models... Give me San Antonio. I know thats easy to say right now, but it's almost as much about the way they play as it is the titles.

Of course you need great talent. But if you had a field a team drafting current NBA players, would any of the Spurs be in the Top 10? Probably not. Top 15? Maybe... Top 20? Probably. Regardless, Spurs beat a whole lot of 'better talent' in their playoff run on their way to a title. Perfect balance of team offense, team defense, and great coaching. Duncan played well, but he cannot dominate on either end like he used to. But they had strong talent at every position, each who knew their role, grew into it over several years, and accepted and executed. SA drafts as much for character as they do for talent. High basketball IQ guys who accept their role, knowingly minimize their own stats, and even take less money to get more team.

I so Believe in Hinkie and Brown to do the same that I'm no longer overly concerned if we 'settle' for Parker. By all accounts he's a great character guy. And there's a good chance he'll be better than wiggins offensively short and long term. And if they like him enough not to trade up for Wiggins or enough to not trade down for more assets, then I trust their belief in his ability to learn team defense. Look at some of the guys who played great team defense for SA in the postseason. Splitter, Bonner, Mills... Not exactly elite individual defenders, but learned to play well within the team concept cause they bought in.

Do I still want Wiggins bbbbaaaaaaaaddddd? Without question. But if we've made the decision to trade Thad on draft night, seems like a real good chance we're gonna have a taker. From Chad Fords chat:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JJ (Liberty Twp, OH)

At this point, how many top ten picks do you think will be traded?

Chad Ford (2:01 PM)

At least 2. Celtics, Lakers, Kings are the top 3 candidates.


Would probably prefer the Lakers trade as we'd probably have to give up the least with taking Nash back. And while I doubt Nash would ever put on our uniform, would love to have him mentor MCW! Regardless, I feel like either the Kings or Lakers will deal with us if it involves Thad and some seconds and us taking salary.

With teams willing to deal, We need to take advantage of being in position to draft another almost sure fire long term starting big to complement Nerlens. Cannot wait to watch this team grow together under Brown these next few years!

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