Draft Day Dream Deal

Have you grown weary of endless, tradeless mock-drafts? Are you depressed that our plethora of draft options has been whittled down to Wiggins/Parker + Gary Harris/James Young?

Just remember guys, Hinkie. Who knows what wonders he has in store for us, but I would bet against us picking at 3, 10, and 32.

So, I'd like everyone to put on their Hinkie hats and do some mock dealin'. You can craft any scenario you want and feasibility is optional. Here is what would excite me the most.

My scenario starts with Embiid and Wiggins off the board at 3. Hinkie, knowing all, gives the Jazz a call to see exactly what they would give up for the chance to draft their boy. This sets off a chain reaction, and when the dust settles, the sixers wind up with 3 top 10 picks, without losing their best second rounder.

But how? Well, maybe it goes a little something like this 8 team trade.

1. Jazz give up 5, 23, and 35 for the Sixers' picks at 3 and 54. Why do it? They get potential star and fan favorite.

2. Magic give up 12 for the Bulls' 19, The Jazz ('s?) 23, and the Sixers' 52. Why? Hinkie convinces them that the talent drops off before 12 so they decide to move back for an extra first rounder and another second for their trouble.

3. Bulls give up 16 and 19 for the Magic's 12 and Sixers' 47. Why? Bulls want to move up and draft a shooter. Hinkie throws in a second rounder to sweeten the deal.

4. Lakers give up Steve Nash and 7 for Thad Young, the Bulls' 16, and the Suns' 27. Why? They get Nash's dead weight off the books and get a bust-his-a$$ player in Thad. Plus they get an extra first rounder in the process.

5. Suns give up 14, 18, and 27 to move all they way up to the Celtics pick at 6. Why? To get Julius! (or other post presence as they desire)

6. Celtics give up 6 to get Kings' 8 pick and the Sixers 39. Celts want a second rounder and Sixers offer up a good one. Our GM then Hinkie-swears that one of the 3 PF's will be there at 8.

7. Kings give up 8 and receive Suns 14, Suns 18, and Jazz 35. Why? Hinkie uses his powers of persuasion to get this deal done; after all, it's an incredibly deep draft and the Kings only have one pick. Now they have 3.

8. Sixers give up Thad Young, 3, 39, 47, 52, and 54 AND RECEIVE IN RETURN: Steve Nash, and the number 5 and 7 picks in the draft.

At 5, Hinkie picks his favorite PF (Gorden or Vonleh, anyone?) At 7, Hinkie can pick his favorite shooter, lets say Stauskas, which allows the Celts to pick the remaining PF. At 10, Hinkie confidently takes Saric, or any other risky player with a ton of potential because, hey, we have 3 top 10 picks. And remember, we still have the 32.

In reality, I might rather just have Parker and the pick at 10. But seriously, where's the fun in that. So what is your dream deal? Trades involving less than 8 teams are also accepted.

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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