The Model

We all are obsessed with the NBA draft (I am a draft nut like the rest of you). But take a moment like I did and truly appreciate what you have hopefully just watched. What's that you ask?? The NBA finals. The model to our teams success, the greatness that we all long for the sixers, and the magic ingredient to winning a NBA title.

Yes you can win with an once in a generation talent in Lebron but look deeper. He has been to the finals four straight years, what did it cost him, being hated by the majority of basketball fans by leaving his hometown team to seek greener pastures. He is the best player in the NBA and he could not win alone. To all you dreamers out there who think Lebron might want to come to the sixers, get real he is not coming to an unproven team and further more a team not ready to win. So we must look elsewhere for a plan.

In walks the newly crowned NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. This team has been the best NBA team for the past Fifteen years. They have the best coach, the best GM(sorry Hinkie), and the best system to win. They play the best form of basketball in a flawless application of basic skills and unselfishness. They pass till they find the right shot. I know I am stating the obvious. But I truly enjoy watching a basketball team play as a team. Isolation basketball is so boring to me. They ran through a team with the best player in the nba like a knife through soft butter. Why? Foundation, persistence, execution, talent, depth, belief, sacrifice, and confidence. They were built, developed, and trained to win by the best coach and hand picked by a GM who found players where noone else was looking.

Back to the franchise we all care about. How do we build such a team you ask?

We hire an assistant coach who has worked under the best coach in the nba. Watched how they train and out run every team in the league. How they condition, what type of players they hand selected to mold, and how there system works. Brett Brown is that coach. He has the talent, enthusiasm, and want to build a team in that mold.

We get a GM who is willing to look where others don't and outwork any GM who is looking in that same player pool. He already has used our tank season to find such gems as Hollis Thompson, Henry Sims, and Tony Wroten. He traded our only true asset last year for two first round picks that netted us a defensive freak of nature in Nerlens Noel and the tenth pick in this years draft. We also have had more players in for work outs then I can even count. He does the work that's needed to build a Spurs like team.

We have an ownership who buys into the process and is forward thinking enough to get NJ to give us enough business space to build a state of the art practice facility for a team ripe for development. Who trusts in our GM to let him blow up a season with great precision and success(failure).

We have players already who fit the mold for such a system. MCW, a great ball handler and facilitator who not only showed some great leadership skills but is a gym rat and will outwork most players entering the nba. Nerlens Noel, the favorite pupil of Brett Brown who is willing to rebuild his entire shot during rehabbing a torn-up knee, who also is know to be a gym rat. Hollis Thompson (aka Danny Green) who has put in more time in the gym then any other player on the sixers over the summer and has added 10-15 pounds of muscle not to mention shot close to 40% from three as a rookie. Henry Sims(slower Boris Diaw) who showed great fundamentals in rebounding, defense, and passing in his first year on this team. Not to mention all the other players they will undoubtably add this draft and off season.

Be excited and thank the current NBA champions for keeping true to what basketball is and showing us the blueprint for building such a successful franchise.

Just a small side note as I finish, sending out congratulations to Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, Khawi Leanard, and the rest of the San Antonio Spurs on a job well done.

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