The True Dream Scenario: Musings of a madman

The draft is right around the corner and it's that time of the year for ridiculous mock drafts and prospect posts. We're all picking our guy and projecting superstardom onto him in hopes of a championship. Well I don't think we're dreaming big enough right now. I'm watching this Miami game, and I'm feeling a little crazy.

Sixers are in prime position to form a mega team. You may laugh at this but I don't care. Pulling it off would take a lot of moving parts but it's possible and the Sixers are maybe the only one who could do it. Here's how it can happen.

Step 1: Trade for Kevin Love

This is probably the easiest to do. Sixers have pick 3 and pick 10 to dangle. The only reason they might not do it is because they're scared Love wouldn't stick around. Well we're in the process of forming a mega team so not to worry. Proposed trade:

Minny gets: #3, Thad, Richardson, #39, Wroten/Moultrie

Sixers get: Kevin Love

This move actually frees up salary for the Sixers believe it or not (at least in the short term). Perhaps the Sixers might have to throw in #10 to seal the deal but it's not totally prohibitive.

Step 2: Convince LeBron to opt out and sign

Ok so this sounds difficult. But I'm sitting here during game 4 of the NBA finals writing this watching the Heat get destroyed by 24 heading into the 4th quarter on their home court. Wade is pretty much cooked. The depth is lacking and aging. Sure the Heat are talking about everyone taking a pay cut and signing Melo but what is more likely: their entire big 3 doing that and having enough depth, or the Sixers being able to offer the most money. Sixers are rolling in cap and they have enough money to not only sign Lebron but maybe even Melo.

Step 3: Get Melo to sign in Philly

Melo wants to play with Lebron and he wants to win. With steps 1 and 2 complete winning is easily here. So all that is left is working out the money here. The Sixers have $30 million committed next year (if you count them picking up all their non-guaranteed and player options) and the salary cap is projected to increase to $63 million next year. As I noted above the Love deal actually saves the Sixers money this year, about 1.5 million. So that means the Sixers have almost $35 million to play with. They could split that for Lebron and Melo and it wouldn't be a huge pay cut for them. The superstars in the NBA make their money on endorsements anyway. You could also make room by declining the Brandon Davies and Jarvis Varnado's of the roster.

What the Sixers roster would be like:






Bench: Hollis Thompson, James Anderson, Henry Sims, Elliot Williams, Jarvis Varnado, Byron Mullens, Brandon Davies, Whoever is left of Moultrie/Wroten, 2nd round picks

That's a killer starting unit with sneaky decent depth. Hollis, Sims, Elliot Williams, James Anderson all showed flashes of being decent bench pieces last year and with better players around them could probably see improvement slotted into their proper roles with more guys creating for them.

Should there be concern the Sixers with this plan give up a chance at future 10 years of greatness for 4-5 years of all out championship or bust expectations. Very little. Sure Lebron and Melo are going to age sooner rather than later, but MCW, Love and Noel form the basis of a young core that can develop and last in the longer run. MCW will get to play his natural facilitator role and Noel can be the rim protector whose offense doesn't need to develop right away.

You can call me crazy. You can call this a pipe dream. But there is a chance. And if you're talking about dream scenarios, this is the one that is truly a dream come true.

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