Buckko's Mock 10

1.Cleveland-Embiid If they screw that up, it doesn't make sense for that franchise to exist anymore. They need a center, post scorer, rim protector, and he's basically the only generational talent in the draft.

2.Milwaukee-Parker Having wiggins would be redundant with an already wiggins light with height in Giannis on board. They have the talent to make the playoffs in the east and want to start to compete, but they lack a "go-to scorer" and reports have been Jabari has been on the top of the Bucks draft board all season. Plus Parker and Giannis would be a deadly duo for years to come.

3.Philly-Wiggins Well duh. Superb transition scorer fit fantastically in the 76ers fast pace game along with shut down defense with years to develop his ultra raw game.

4.Orlando-Smart They have already scheduled smart for a 2nd workout while they haven’t worked out exum yet. It does make sense in way since no one has seen Exum play basketball in over a year. Smart is a Warrior, paired with Oladipo would make for an absolute vicious defensive backcourt. I don't know about yall, but I could see a major rivalry between Wall and Beal vs. Smart and Oladipo in future years as the best backcourt.

5.Utah-Exum It has been said that the Jazz really like Exum and he would fit their need of going after a star scorer rather than another raw big in their already crowed frontcourt of raw bigs.

6.Boston-Gordon Celtics and Gordon have a mutual liking as Gordon would be the best fit left for them with his ability to guard every position and play both forward positions along with his great athleticism. They already have enough PFs and with no top center left, Gordon is the most logical pick left.

7.Lakers-Trade with Philly 10th, Thad, 32th for Nash and the 8th (Vonleh)

Lakers don't have to pay nash 9 million while gaining a versatile, two way forward, the 10th, and the beneficial early 2nd.

76ers take Vonleh, a perfect match for Noel while having a huge ceiling for a dominant rebounding two way stretch 4, but is extremely raw and has years like wiggins to develop his game. This would solidify the 76ers frontline for a decade and would have a massive ceiling to become the league's best frontcourt.

8. This is by far the hardest because the kings are so unpredictable. Maybe they try to trade for a rim protector, but there isn't one in the market. Randle is a bad combination for cousins but they could draft him to later trade, just because of his pure talent level. Their shooting guard is hopefully set for the future with maclemore. Maybe they go with a pure PG in Payton or Ennis seeing as Thomas does not look like an NBA starting caliber PG, but that is too high for them. They could trade down for him. Honestly anyone's guess.

9. Charlotte-Trade with Magic expiring contracts and 9th for Afflalo . I don't know if other sweeteners might need to be added. If the Hornets do not trade the pick, I see them going after Stauskas or McDermott

Hornets get their SG and a star player who can score and stretch the floor along with being a two way force. This would propel the Hornets to home court advantage in the East.

Magic draft Dario Sacric, giving them a talented and versatile point forward.

10. Lakers via trade with 76ers draft Randle. Besides being the most talented player left on the board, he gives them a supremely talented big in the paint who can be a post scorer and excellent rebounder. This is an extremely important pick, because besides Young, all their frontcourt players are now free agents.

I could also see them going after a PG in Ennis or Payton or take a risk on the super athletic Lavine, but Randle with the need for a dominant big makes the most sense.

My personal wish outside the top 10, is the Bulls draft Lavine at 16th to later trade his rights and dump boozer on the 76ers.

Thoughts, opinions, comments?

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