Mock Draft with Trades

This mock draft has trades, with teams trading down or up.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: C Joel Embiid, Kansas

The Cavaliers need a center, and the best prospect in the draft is a center. This is a no-brainer.

2. Milwaukee Bucks: F Jabari Parker, Duke

The Bucks are under new ownership, so it makes sense they would like Parker, who would likely give them immediate results. Also, the Greek Freak plays very similar to Wiggins, making the pick of Parker more likely.

3. Philadelphia 76ers: SF Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

Do I need to explain this one?

4. Orlando Magic: G Dante Exum, Australia

The Magic need a PG, and Exum fits that role. I briefly considered Marcus Smart here, but went with Exum.

Utah Jazz trade 5th pick to Phoenix Suns for 14th, 18th, and 27th pick

The Jazz will likely look to trade this pick should none of the top 4 fall, and the Suns are the perfect match. They have three first round picks, and another great prospect would make their extremely bright future even brighter.

5. Phoenix Suns: PF Noah Vonleh, Indiana

The Suns take the best available player, and that is Vonleh.

Boston trades 6th and 17th picks to Minnesota in package for Kevin Love

Obviously the Celtics give up a lot more, but this is the only part that affects THIS draft.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves: PF Julius Randle, Kentucky

Randle makes sense as Love's replacement, as he comes in and makes an immediate impact and an early ROY candidate.

7. Los Angeles Lakers: F Dario Saric, Croatia

Saric has said he will come over immediately if he's drafted by LA or Boston, and I think Saric is a better prospect than Gordon.

8. Sacramento Kings: PG Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

Smart comes in as Isaiah Thomas likely replacement, and he could also be moved to the 2 guard should the Kings resign Thomas.

9. Charlotte Hornets: F Doug McDermott, Creighton

McBuckets makes sense as the Hornets are in win-now mode, and had been rumored to take McDermott since it was announced they would keep the pick.

10. Philadelphia 76ers: F Aaron Gordon, Arizona

Like Wiggins, I really don't need to explain this one. If Gordon is available at 10, the Sixers will take him.

Denver Nuggets trade 11th pick to the Chicago Bulls for the 16th and 19th picks

11. Chicago Bulls: SG Gary Harris, Michigan State

Gary Harris would fit perfectly into the Bulls system, as he is a very good defender.

12. Orlando Magic: F/C Jusuf Nurkic, Bosnia

The Magic biggest weakness assuming they pick Exum at 4 is the PF position. They don't have a PF who they can put down as their future starter. So, they draft Nurkic and are willing to wait a year or two for him to come to the US.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves: F Rodney Hood, Duke

The T'Wolves don't have a SF of the future, and Hood would be a nice fit.

14. Utah Jazz: SG Nik Stauskas, Michigan

The Jazz play the draft out perfectly in this scenario, as they pick up 3 first round picks by trading down and still get one of the best shooting guards in the draft.

15. Atlanta Hawks: PF/C Kristaps Porzingis, Sevilla

He is only 18 years old, so he could stay overseas for a year or two while Millsap plays out the final year of his contract.

16. Denver Nuggets: G Zach LaVine, UCLA

LaVine could of gone a lot higher, but I am not as high on him as most. Nonetheless, many have LaVine to the Nuggets at 11, so it makes sense to take him at 16.

17. Minnesota Timberwolves: James Young SG, Kentucky

The Timberwolves likely will shop Kevin Martin if they trade Love, and in this draft they do.

Jazz trade 18th pick to Houston Rockets for future 1st round pick

18. Houston Rockets: Tyler Ennis PG, Syracuse

Ennis had been projected to go as high as 5 earlier in the season, and the Rockets likely will trade Jeremy Lin, so Ennis and Patrick Beverley platoon as the starter.

19. Denver Nuggets: PF Adreian Payne, Michigan State

The Nuggets were rumored to shop Kenneth Faried, which I believe is a horrible idea, but Payne is a good option off the bench or at center should they lose faith in JaVale McGee.

20. Toronto Raptors: Clint Capela PF/C, Chalon

The Raptors love international players and with Patrick Patterson entering his final year of his deal, Capela is a good stash option.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder: Elfrid Payton G, LA-Lafyatte

Payton could play the 2-guard and come off the bench for OKC.

22. Memphis Grizzlies: PJ Hairston SG, Texas Legends/UNC

The Grizzlies don't really have anyone who can just catch fire, and that's what Hairston does.

23. Utah Jazz: Kyle Anderson SF, UCLA

Should Gordon Hayward leave Utah, Anderson could be a nice backup option.

24. Charlotte Hornets: Jordan Adams SG, UCLA

Went back and forth between Adams and Shabazz Napier here, but Adams is the pick.

25. Houston Rockets: Jerami Grant F, Syracuse

Grant could be a nice backup option to Terrence Jones.

26. Miami Heat: Shabazz Napier PG, UConn

Should Mario Chalmers leave in free agency, Napier could be the starting PG for Miami.

27. Utah Jazz: C Mitch McGary, Michigan

The Jazz already have made two other selections in this draft, so McGary is a low-risk, high-reward type pick. Had his back stayed healthy, he could have been a lottery pick.

28.Los Angeles Clippers: SF KJ McDaniels, Clemson

Again, went back and forth between Glenn Robinson and KJ here, but McDaniels is my pic.

29. OKC Thunder: Glenn Robinson SF, Michigan

Robinson is another Michigan player who should of come out last year.

Spurs trade 30th pick to 76ers for 32nd and 54th picks

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Spencer Dinwiddie G, Colorado

Had he not torn his ACL, Dinwiddie could have been a lottery pick.

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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