Thad/Kings Draft Day Trade

Draft Day Trade Improvement Outsiders Opinion

To state this now, I am a non-biased Rocket's fan, looking to make a fair deal for both sides.

I know the kings want to move on from the point of talent acquirement to the point of competing and a playoff birth. To do this a team must gain valuable veterans that fit key holes while maintaining cap flexibility to further improve on by major free agent splashes. Now the kings are not in that position with still being in the lottery, getting raw prospects that take years to develop and being hampered down by bad, middle of road contracts, mainly like Jason Thompson. The 76ers are in the position to better the kings in both aspects. I am here to discuss a draft day trade, that you might have heard of before, but not explained enough in clear detail. Now to state the trade so I can later elaborate, the 8th pick, Jason Thompson, Jason Terry for Thaddeus Young. Adding Travis Outlaw and 2nds from the 76ers could also make the deal more desirable for the kings. To be clear, this trade can happen draft night because the 76ers are 6 million under the cap for this past season, meaning they can absorb a bit more salary without sending as much back.

Now before you scoff. Lets analyze the aspects of the trade. Its true the kings are in big need of a rim protector however those are so few to come by but grabbing a great P&R defender, the most used play in the NBA is the next best thing. He is also a good rebounder averaging 6-7, an excellent thief at over 2 steals per game, and a reliable passer at almost 2.5 assists per game. Another important aspect for a PF next to cousins is he is a stretch 4. Now that stats only say he is around 30% from the 3, but that's due the 76ers run'N'gun style, which said doesn't matter if you don't have a good shot, just shoot it. A stretch 4 which the kings surely lack if they want to form a formidable 4 out at the 3, cousins in the paint like the Howard's dominating magic lineup. I haven't even stated that even though Thad is a fantastic support player, he can be an effective scorer, 18ppg last season yet in a fast paced season, but around a 15pt average the last few seasons before that. Coming from a team in the Kings where yall had 3 guys scoring 20 plus points a night and shouldering the scoring load, that would be very helpful to have another guy that can put 15 points on a nightly basis while being the two way, stretch 4, support player the Kings sorely need. This would finally solve the power forward jam.

Now for those who argue that the 8th pick could have more potential to keep than trading for Thad, I say maybe but how long until that 8th pick starts providing production or production that at least is better than or equal to Thad's. And that's a big if because the draft is a crap shoot and the 8th could even bust while Thad is a known commodity and would contribute now in areas of great need for the kings.

Now to discuss the cap flexibility, this is where the deal can become very beneficial. It take off jason terry's 5.2m off for this offseason and maybe Travis Outlaw's 3m too, to either resign Thomas or make a play for a PG free agent, such as Shaun Livingstonanyone? It also removes Jason Thompson's ugly contract from haunting Sacromento for the next 3 years and freeing up another 5.6m while taking back only 8.6m in Young's contract. To do the math it would leave Sactown at 61.5m or 2 million under the salary cap, giving room for a S&T for a smaller caliber FA.

Now what implications might this have down the road, well as I check out a team's forum before making a post. This frees up cap in the 2015 offseason, which would have defensive centers such as Marc Gasol, Robin Lopez, Omer Asik, Tyson Chandler, and Roy Hibbert (if he declines his player option which he might by the look of things) which I have been seeing a bit on this board. In this same offseason Rudy Gay is a FA and Thaddeus Young has a 9.7 player option which if he declined along with the Kings declining Derrick William's 8.7m player option and traded Jason Thompson's (now 6 million contract in 2015) in the 2014 draft to the 76ers would leave the kings with about 22.1 in use cap or 40 million in cap space, not to mention with the salary cap keep raising, it could be even more. This would leave more than enough to go after Hibbert to form a twin towers with Cousins, resign Gay, Thad as a 6th man, and still have enough for a quality FA like say rondo?

Now why do the 76ers do this? They have cap space they can put to good use and acquire assets mainly have 3 top 10 picks in the 2014 draft.

Now for those who want to go after a PG in the draft, I personally believe the kings have the assets to trade back into the late first round to grab Elfrid Payton with that 2017 1st round pick usable as a trade piece, but Tyler Ennis might be out of reach.

Personal thought on Isiah Thomas. Kings should let the market set the value for him because there isn't a demand for PGs, and certainly not score first, undersized PGs so yall should get a discount on him unless the Kings want to let him walk.

Now I'm not perfect and if I got anything wrong, please correct me but provide a link to a source to back up what was wrong and I will fix it.

Comments, Opinions?

I did the same thing as the bulls salary dump, trying to make a fair deal while posting it on both websites to get both sides opinions. You can find this at Sactown Royalty Fanpost by the name Draft Day Trade Outsider's Opinion.

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