Your Ideal Starting 5 And Why It Works

After looks at all the videos our there and reading all the posts, my ideal would be the following:

C - Nerlens Noel

PF - Aaron Gordon

SF - Jabari Parker

SG - Zach Lavine


Yes, super young, but we aren't looking to go anywhere for the next couple of years. Fill the bench with solid older vets to help develop them - it's also why we have Brett Brown as a coach - because he's a great developer of talent - let these guys grow together as friends as well as teammates so there is cohesion in this group for years to come.

I think this is a great mix of offensive and defensive skills that can really gel. Can we trade Thad and some 2nd rounders to make the Gordon/Lavine mix happen with #10 and another first rounder? Love Thad and wish we could give him some sort of thank you for all these years, but I'd rather see a core of super young guys coming up in the league together.

Noel and Gordon will be limited offensively in terms of skill, but they are raw athletes who will be beasts on defense and will run the floor for the occasional spectacular dunk-lights. With them anchoring the defense, I love adding Parker rather than Wiggins because he is so innately talented offensively - Parker's draft workout videos are more impressive to me than Wiggins. I don't buy that Wiggins has more potential than Parker - I think they are the same age, have been playing basketball for the same amount of time, and look how much more developed Parker is from a skill set perspective than Wiggins. I worry Wiggins will be super athletic but won't have the instinctive mind to develop the actual offensive skillset needed to become an elite offensive player in the league. With Noel and Gordon making up for any lapse of defensive effort by Parker, we don't need the additional athletic rawness that Wiggins provides (and the uncertainty that he'll develop offensively or may just become a slightly improved Iggy). I think the frontcourt of Noel, Gordon, Parker would be just awesome. Plus, I'm sure BB will put in a defensive scheme that will take that defensive pressure off Parker if it really is true he is lacking defensively.

In the backcourt, I loved the videos of Lavine - raw, pure athlete with offensive instincts and the skills to back it up - just give him confidence and he could become a lanky offensive delight, in the mold Jamal Crawford, just more athletic (but maybe he doesn't have the incredible handle that Crawford has). He and MCW will be a great combination of offense and defense in the backcourt. They will have great size, quickness and length to disrupt any other backcourt.

Let's work towards that and get BB to make these guys play together! Then we need to have the patience not to try to trade everyone after a season while we are working through growing pains (unless its clear some guys just can't play together) . . OK, guys, rip it apart!

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