Potential Trades : Feasible? Unlikely? Poop?

I've been having a slow day at work, so what better way to spend my time than go through articles on other lottery-bound teams seeing what they are looking for out of the draft. The following trades are all unlikely and most of them poop. Please vote in the poll following the article for your favorite option!

*All picks are projected, obviously the lottery could change things

1. Sixers trade Thaddeus Young, Cleveland's 2nd round pick (#39), and the Rocket's 2nd round pick (#54) to Detroit for Josh Smith and their 1st round pick (#8).

Why the Sixers do it: They add a high pick (potentially Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, Marcus Smart, Gary Harris) and are able to waive Josh Smith if they so choose. This would affect their ability to sign a max free agent over the next 3 years as he is a 13.5 million cap hit. They could also then attempt to move Smith or keep him (which I would be strongly against).

Why the Pistons do it: They unload one of the worst contracts in the league, saving 3-4 million a year in 2014-15 and 2015-16, then 13.5 million in 2016-17. They also add a player who, in my opinion, is better than Josh Smith. They are a team looking to make the playoffs next year. This gives them a better player and more flexibility. The 2nd round picks would also provide cheap contracts.

Feasible? Unlikely? Poop? : Definitely unlikely, also the worst kind of poop because Josh Smith is the type that needs multiple courtesy flushes.

2. Sixers trade Thaddeus Young to the Phoenix Suns for their 18th and 27th overall picks.

Why the Sixers do it : Obtain two first round picks in a deep draft for a player unlikely to be with the team beyond this upcoming year. They have plenty of roster space and playing time to develop these picks, and could also choose a Euro-stash type player for the future.

Why the Suns do it : Thad fits well with their young core. If they decide their core has the ability to improve and grow into a playoff contender, auxiliary pieces will be what they are looking for. They could also send a Morris our way with us including a 2nd round pick or two if needed.

Feasible? Unlikely? Poop? : Feasible, although not exactly as stated, the parts are there to get a trade done that benefits both teams. The kind of poop where you have a half hour with no obligations, a new LB draft article on your iphone ready, and just got done eating some bangin' Tashan Indian food.

3. Sixers trade Thad, James Anderson, the Cavaliers 2nd round pick (#39), and their 2019 first round pick to the Kings for Rudy Gay and the 7th overall pick.

Why the Sixers do it : They obtain the 7th overall pick (WANT) and only have Rudy Gay on the books for next season. A very favorable trade for the Sixers.

Why the Kings do it : They obtain Thad, who is a good player on a reasonable salary. They lose Gay, who is a chucker on a team with too many. This also allows them to re-sign Isaiah Thomas, who made huge strides this year and was a valuable contributor. Their giving up a very high pick, but also obtaining a high 2nd round pick and future 1st.

Feasible? Unlikely? Poop? : Very unlikely. The ghost poop. You poop, you feel satisfied. Look down into the bowl and there's nothing there, you feel unsatisified. Could come back to haunt you with that 2019 pick.

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