Can We Catch A Break?

Let’s face it. The Sixers have not had the best luck recently. But hey, we have Sam Hinkie and MCW now so maybe things are starting to turn around. It will take some good luck to build a championship contender in Philly, but if we manage to catch a few lucky breaks the team can get there in a hurry. So what exactly needs to go our way over the next few years? Glad you asked.

Break One-The Sixers land Andrew Wiggins in the upcoming draft.

This one is simple. Either we get that first pick or he slides past the first pick. Wiggins could be the superstar that leads this team to the promise land. Everyone knows that, and while the Sixers do have a real shot at landing him I will still feel incredibly lucky if he is in a Sixers uniform next season.

Break Two-The Sixers land a starting caliber player at #10

With MCW, Wiggins and Nerlens Noel as the core of the team, the Sixers just need to find a shooting guard and power forward of starting caliber going forward. Yes Thad Young is still on the team, but I have a feeling it wont be that way for very long. We don’t need an all-star here, just someone to support our three potential all-stars. Someone slightly better than the average starter at one of those positions in the league will do.

Break Three- The Sixers end up with two first round picks next year

Hopefully we end up with two; one from the potential trade of Thad, and our own pick as well. This of course means we should be hoping the Sixers miss the playoffs next year so they don’t have to give the pick to Miami. Will the east be good enough to deny a young Sixers squad from making it? If we have two picks next year we could end up with a starting five and key bench player all drafted within a three-year span. That’s not how you build a championship contender; it’s how you build a dynasty.

Break Four- We have two quality backups already in the Sixers system

You don’t win games with five players. Hopefully some of the support for the future starting five is already here. Tony Wroten seems like a good bet to be the Sixers sixth man of the future. The bigger break would be if we already have a quality back up big. Right now the biggest hopes of this are Arnett Moultrie and Arsalan Kazemi. If one of these guys turns into a quality backup the Sixers will be in good shape.

If the Sixers catch all these breaks the squad could potentially feature three future all-stars (MCW, Wiggins and Noel) along with two other quality starters and three quality back ups by the end of the 2015 season. It will take a bit of good luck for sure, but after all the bad breaks we have endured over the recent past, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for.

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