Attracting Lebron - Realistic or a pipe dream?

Before I get into this, just take a look at this starting 5



SG- Wiggins (top 5 pick)

SF- Lebron

PF- Vonleh (Pelicans pick)

C- Noel

Let that set in. Of course, any starting 5 that includes The King jumps off the screen, but this starting 5 would be incredible. Lebron isn't stupid; he's going to weigh all of his options after he opts out of his contract with the Heat this summer (hey, it's my hunch; I don't they win the title this year, and their players are aging). What this starting lineup lacks in shooting is more than made up with athleticism and defensive tenacity. There are match-up nightmares across the board for opposing teams. Now let's take a look at the bench.


Tony Wroten,

Hollis Thompson,

Henry Sims,

Whoever we get in a Thad trade,

Rookies selected in the 2nd round,

Low-cost free agent signings,

Whoever Lebron convinces to take their talents to South Philly.

We have the cap space. We have a respectable owner, a great GM, and a fine coach. A system (an actual system!) has been put in place. And we're in the Eastern Conference! Hey Lebron, you want the same easier path to the finals?

I realize that this is somewhat of a dream scenario (hey, Lebron's involved, of course it is!). Sure, Lebron might not want to play with a group of young guys who are still learning how to play basketball. But on the contrary, I think Lebron would love to embrace the role of unquestioned team leader, teaching teammates who have great potential (again, another one of my hunches). We all know Lebron wants rings, but if he joins the Sixers this summer he could have the opportunity to form a true dynasty.

What happens when we have to give raises to all the rookies? We go over the cap and we go into the luxury tax if need be. Joshua Harris seems like the kind of guy who would be open to that if the Sixers are killing it.

Let's just remember the teams that Lebron met with before making 'The Decision', along with the results of their previous season:

Cavs (61-21, 1st seed) --- former team

Heat (47-35, 5th seed) ---sunny beaches

Bulls (41-41, 8th seed) ---classy organization, but M.J.

Knicks (29-53, missed playoffs) ---New York

Clippers (29-53, missed playoffs) ---L.A.

Nets (12-70, missed playoffs) ---New...Jersey?

Okay Lebron, Philly doesn't have the best weather, and it's not NY or LA, but it's a top-tier market and it has some of the best sports fans. Personally, I'd rather see Lebron play for fans who actually appreciate what he's doing on the court (sorry Heat fans, I'm painting with a broad stroke here). We will love you here. You will go down as one of the greatest Sixers of all time, but we have one condition; you must switch numbers, and it can't be to '3'.

So that's my take. What do you think it would take to convince Lebron to come here, this summer or next summer, and do you think I am crazy?

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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