LB Poster Accolades Shoutout...A time to rejoice

This is a popular blog, there is no question about that. The draft party turnout only serves to galvanize this claim. The reason you ask? First off, the writers are all great. Keep up the good work and kudos for your efforts. You keep us interested when nothing is actually going on with the team/league for long stretches. That in and of itself is a skill and it's appreciated.

This is a time for renewed hope with the 76ers that we haven't seen for some time. By all accounts, people are extremely happy with our current GM Demi-god Hinkie, and our new coach Brett "Silky Smooth" Brown despite a horrific season that saw us tie the record for the most consecutive losses (go #TeamPanic). I can't remember a time in the past 20 years that this has been the case. Sure, the Larry Brown/AI period brought hope to this team and its fan base, but everyone knew this was not sustainable. Brown constructed the superb "team concept" of roll players around a flawed, high volume shooting, but fearless star in AI. Most of the starters on that team would never even turn out to be serviceable bench players after leaving the Sixers (think Eric "I can't hit the side of the barn while wide open" Snow, and George " I can rebound fairly well for the SF position and get you 10 points" Lynch). We had some players that were ready to play and would do their role to the best of their ability, but AI needed to put up 50 every game to challenge the top teams. Previous coaches and GMs through this 20 year stretch always left something to be desired. Larry Brown didn't develop young talent and then there were the rest. It's not that they didn't try to improve the team, because they did, but most failed miserably. FA acquisition, after FA acquisition we hinged our dreams on fading stars, injured players and guys that never lived up to the hype (often 2 of these 3 categories applied). Webber, Brand, Bynum, Kukoc, G. Robinson, K. Van Horn...the list goes on and on, but I digress.

We are all happy this team now has a plan and we all hope with our heart of hearts that the plan comes to fruition. Let's not beat ourselves up anymore than we already have on what could have been (big ups to Negadelphia). That was the past and we are looking to the future. Half glass full as they say. Now to to the point at hand.

The LB community/posters have made this season tolerable, as much as the writers. We have our college experts, our D-League scouts (Yo Bauser), our spreadsheet faithful (Chrischar) for potential Hinkie insight, and everything in between. Debates get heated, but we all agree on one thing. We all want the 76ers to achieve greatness again. The passion for this team is undeniable although we may disagree to a large extent on talent evaluation and potential draft pick choices/scenarios.

So, I created this long winded post to credit those that are frequent contributors on this blog (did you see this coming? Maybe from the title, but probably not by the rambling.). There are many posters that almost always seem to bring something valuable to the table. The criteria is flexible. You are the decider. You can make your choices based on humor, knowledge, insight, the right .gif on a particular occasion, or any other reason you deem fit. We may disagree on who those people are, but that is the point of this "I can't wait until the draft" post. In the spirit of Levin's rose colored glasses, it's Thanksgiving in May/June. To keep it simple, let's keep it to 2-3 posters though and please provide your reasons why:

I'll start with my two nominees in no particular order. There are many others deserving of these honors (even several I've argued with), but in the spirit of keeping things simple...drum roll please....

1) Yung Goon, come on down.

This may come as a shock to some, but I love this guy's post. He's a dreamer. He's also an MCW loyalist (much like myself), who is full of fire for this team. He might tear you down if he disagrees with your posts, but he does it with flare. And let's not forget his intentionally mistake laden posts with such classics as Honkey for Hinkie (too funny on so many levels). He originated this style which has been often copied but never equaled. Kudos Yung Goon you devil's advocate, sarcastic fuck you. You're always good for an intelligent post ripe with humor. God bless you.

Now for the 2nd nominee:

2) Xsago

This guy is knowledgeable by all accounts about the game, our Sixers and he does his best to remain unbiased which most of us struggle with (myself included). I appreciate the insight you bring to this forum. I value your opinion...keep up the good work.

I invite everyone else to nominate their top REC guy or anyone else they want. I'm not fishing for votes btw, nor do I expect any. This is about honoring our brethren, something that is often forgotten in the City of Brotherly Love/Hate? New hope=new attitude. Join in the fun.

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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