Should we flip Thad for another Pick?



This draft is loaded.

Thaddeus Young has been great for us. He's an above average defender with a slowly improving offensive game. With that said, he may be at the peak of his trade value, and come draft season, it's time for Sam Hinkie to do his thing. With that said, I see three potential landing spots.

First: Sacramento Kings

I've seen this idea floated around on this site before, and I absolutely love it. Thad and either 32 or 39 for the 8th pick and Jason Thompson makes so much sense for both. The Kings are in win-now mode, especially with the rumor floating around that they would take Love even if he didn't sign. At the least, Thad gives the Kings another asset to potentially send to Minnesota. If not, he can still give them a solid athletic 4 to pair with Demarcus Cousins while they try to win-now. For the Sixers, we get a third (!!!!) lottery pick in arguably the best draft in a long, long time.To go with that, a solid player with a bad contract who can stretch the court and allow our athletes to drive.

Lets say Andrew Wiggins falls to us, which is a strong possibility according to Chad Ford. Knowing we have another pick at 10, we could take a risk at 10, and take a Nik Stauskas at 8. Which, may be a reach, and yes, I know he can't play defense. But every good team has shooters, and a guy who shot 44% from deep in college can help us with that. Finally, we still have the 10 pick, where we can take a risk. This may be a personal preference, but I think Zach Levine is our guy. The dude has off the chart athleticism, and can become a solid combo guard who would fit in nicely with MCW & Stauskas. Also, athleticism can always translate into great defense, which can make up for Stauskas' lack of defense.

All of this could leave us with a solid young core of MCW, Wiggins, Noel, Stauskas, and Levine to build around, and if they all reach their potential, we could become really scary, really quick.

Possible 5


SG: Stauskas

SF: Wiggins

PF: Thompson

C: Noel

Second: Chicago Bulls

This is a new option, but an interesting one. Chicago picks at 16 and 19, and while somehow obtaining both would be amazing, I don't think Thad is worth 2 first rounders, now do I think the bulls will want to give up their 2 first rounders. But Thad and 39 pick or 16 could serve us well. Chicago gets another piece to the puzzle as they try to salvage what was once a top 3 team in the East. We get the 16 pick to build with. Wiggins again at three, Since I don't think Stauskas will fall to ten, and we don't have a third lottery pick to gamble with, James Young is a great choice. The dude can put up points in a hurry, and has the potential to be a difference maker on defense. At 16, we have some interesting options. Perhaps trade down? Build up more assets for the future, including some extra picks for next year? Or do we try and take a chance on a big man, say Adreian Payne? In my eyes both could help us, but TJ Warren is a guy I think we need. Like Young, he can flat out score. 25 ppg in the ACC is impressive, and he could really give us so many options to work with at the 3 or the 4.

Third: Phoenix Suns

Phoenix, like the other teams I discussed, is in win now mode. They showed it last year, with Bledsoe, Dragic, and all the other talented players that team had. More athletes on a team like that, who loves pushing the ball upcourt are always welcome, and since they are loaded with picks, a trade could be imminent. Thad and 39 for pick 18? It definitely makes sense for the Suns, whether they have Thad as a starter or a 6th man, he fits in great with their young front-court. For us, we get another top 20 pick to capitalize on. We get Wiggins and Young again, and take a polished, NBA ready talent at 18 in Adreian Payne. The only reason he probably won't be a lottery pick is age. But, as you saw in the tournament, he is a high caliber player who could do great things as a Sixer. he can shoot the three, work in the post by using all 240 pounds of his 6-10 body, and help protect the rim along with Nerlons Noel

The best part of these options is that none will probably be right, which adds to the beauty of the draft. Here's to June 23rd!

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