Boozer Salary Cap Dump from Blog a Bull

I posted this on Blog a Bull and was curious about yall's reactions.

Getting Carmelo while Keeping Taj

To state this now I am a non bias rocket fan explaining about a way to get Carmelo without losing taj in a boozer 76ers salary dump. Now you might ask me as a rockets fan, why might I want to offer a way for the bulls to get melo and keep taj while the rockets are so clearly pursuing melo. To be honest I'm extremely iffy about bringing in carmelo to form a H-Town big 3. I'm here because I have found a fondness for a rebuilding team in a very interesting position in the 76ers and how they and the chicago bulls can help each other.

This has to be known that the New York Nicks have all the cards even though its Carmelo's free agency. Melo has no options he can sign with straight out and the Nicks can deny him the option to a S&T leaving him forced to resign with them or go to the Jazz, Dallas, or Phoenix and we all know that won't happened. If left in that situation Anthony will probably take the extra money and stay in his home town.

First, it has to be noted that the bulls owner is a major cheap bastard as we all know and that is a very important fact into an amnesty of boozer. I highly doubt the owner would pay boozer's 16.8 million in amnesty money while paying for 22+million for a max in carmelo and that's not even talking about the trouble of trading away taj without taking salary back and losing him as a player. However there is a way to make the salary work, sign melo keep taj, and not pay boozer.

Thus enter the 76ers. Now this needs to be stated, the salary cap is a cruel mistress and this is all done to apply by her rules. This has to be done in July (after the draft and during free agency) when the salary cap enters the new year and contracts expire. The simple context of the deal which I will elaborate later is the Chicago Bulls dump Carlos Boozer,Mike Dunleavy, Greg Smith, Tony Snell, the selected 16th, 19th, and 49th pick on the 76ers to sign melo right out.

Before you crucify me that the bulls are giving up a 2nd, 2 first, and another 1st in Snell(in a weak draft though), those picks have to be signed by June 30 or the bulls lose their rights to them, yet if they do sign them, they count against the cap, making a dream of signing melo while keeping Gibson impossible. Thus it is impossible to have the drraft picks, taj, and melo. You might say well the bulls are mortgaging their future. Three reasons they are not.

1. They still own all their future picks plus more.

2. The Bulls are in WIN NOW. Those picks will take years to develop and be little use for the bulls down the road.

3. Tom Thibodeau doesn't play his rookies at all or his bench much for that matter so they hold no value for bulls' title run.

This is the math part so prepare your brains. By signing with another team melo can have a $22,458,401 max contract. The bulls are at 64,352,653 in the new season while the new salary cap will be 63.2 million. Obviously no chance of melo with being over the cap. The bulls must get down to 40,841,599 million or get rid of 23,511,054 million in salary. Now this doesn't account for the draft picks which would also have to be traded to make the cap work. The 76ers have more than enough to absorb all of this. If you trade boozer's 16.8 million, snell's 1.4724m, dunleavy's 3m, and greg smith's .984163m. You reach to 40.943437 million and I know we're cutting nails here but by being off by about a 100K but I doubt that has little value compared to keeping Taj.

I want to give a reasons why this would be the best option. The Nicks will most likely hold melo hostage and deny him a S&T as he has no other options, thus forcing him to resign with them as I stated earlier. However another reason a 4 year deal is advantageous for the bulls instead of trying for a S&T full 5 year SUPER MAX deal is the bulls most likely don't want to be paying melo almost 30 million dollars when he is 35 while not only does a 4 year deal cost less, provides more room away from the luxury tax, it also gives the bulls the option to resign melo when he is 34 to another paycut kind of deal.

This gives the bulls the best starting 5 and front-line in the game and the best bulls team since Jordan's bulls with Rose, Butler, Carmelo, Gibson, Noah along with not having to pay for boozer amnesty money. Now yes obviously there is no depth, but a contender this status can have veterans flocking to it. However with the versatility (butler playing SG/SF, melo SF/PF, Taj PF/C) of the starting 5 along with Tom rarely playing the bench, that shouldn't be a problem.

Bench players they might acquire are Captain Kirk being in the twilight of his career most likely resigning for minimum to be with the only team he has ever known in, resigning Nazr or another veteran bench big like okafor, Andrey Blatche, or elton brand. Then they can use their MLE on DJ Augustine for his scoring and 6th man role setting up the guard and big rotation. All they would need is a good back up SF and they're set.

PG:Rose, DJ, Kirk

SG: Butler/Kirk

SF: Melo/Butler/SF

PF: Taj/Melo


Now you might ask why do this all for melo. Besides the fact melo is a superstar, top 2 most unstoppable scorer in the league, and the bulls were the worst offensive team in the league and they can't bet that Rose will come back averaging 24&8. The Bulls are in win now and you can't say how much longer Rose has left in his career with doctors beginning to theorize that some people might have stronger or weaker ligaments like thicker or thinner bones than others, and if Rose has one more major knee injury, you can guarantee his career just might be over and you have to take insurance to that. The game is a ticking clock and the bulls are on it.

I doubt I have to write much for why this is good for the 76ers. They get 2 first in the bottom teens, another 2nd to play with, two young players who could develop into reliable bench players, and veterans to either waive or use to help teach all the young players they are assembling. They get all that, bulls keep taj and get carmelo. WIN WIN!

Thoughts, opinions, comments?

I basically just copy and pasted it.

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