Salary Dump


We are all aware of the salary situation of the 76ers. There is none. Well there is $26,893,499 in use.

The salary cap of 14-15 will be $63.2 million, leaving 36,306501, say they decline varnado's and william's team options, leaving 38,202,828 million to spend. Now lets make this convenient and round to 38.2 million to spend or about 25 million in spent cap. There is no point in letting it set when you can go after assets.

Lets start with the thad sactown trade. Thad and his 9.16 million contract, maybe a second or two, for Sacramento's 8th derrick williams and jason terry. Gets us around 29.9 million in cap or about 29 if we take thompson's longer contract instead of williams, but fir this exercise we lets stay at 29.9.

Next GERALD WALLACE. He kills boston's chances at the 2015 draft class and making a contender with his 10.1 million deal. The 76ers could get their 1st round pick back which will probably be just 2 2nds and they could try for Brooklyn's 2014 or at least the clippers 1st in 2015. Thus we are at 39.9 million.

Finally CARLOS BOOZER. By relying on the bull's owner being a cheap bastard, he would be more than happy to not pay boozers 16.8 million in amnesty and send along with another 3m from dunleavy, 1.47 from tony snell, and .948m from smith to dump them on the 76ers with some mixture of assets and have just enough cap to sign melo to a 22+m max contract. They would have to trade both 2014 1st as they could not have the cap to sign melo with the 1sts already on board. Now the 76ers would get several assets in the 19th and 16th picks, snell(on course for a classic 3&D wing future off the bench), smith (as a rockets fan is a great rebounding, really athletic, raw post game big body who can bring some posterizations and be a good PF/C big off the bench) along with any other assets hinkie could acquire like the bulls 2014 2nd or any future picks. The 76ers cap would boom to about 62.118 million, clearly a few million under the cap and way under the luxury to sign all the picks.

Now if this does not work out or is over the cap, then the smart decision would be abandon the wallace dump to focus on the other two, however the 76ers can still go for a wallace dump right before the 2015 free agency next offseason for wallace's final year of his deal, but for less assets or picks probably.

Now all in all, if everything works out the 76ers could get Sac's 8th pick, different picks from Boston (which could be the 76ers 2015 first or clippers 2015 1st or brooklyns 2015 1st), chicago's 16&19 2014 picks along with maybe their 2nd or other future picks. Young, talented players in tony snell, and greg smith, and veterans to help teach the young guys or waive in dunleavy, boozer, derrick williams, jason terry, and gerald wallace.

Thoughts, opinons. Am I crazy or not?

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