tk76 detailed mock draft 1.0 (Hinkie trade edition)- top 10 picks and later targets

1. Cavs: Embiid

Tough choice between Wiggins and Embiid. They convince themselves that Embiid will leave the SF spot open for King James.

2. Bucks: Wiggins

Embiid and Wiggins go 1-2 in some combination, putting the Sixers in a bit of a pickle.

3. Sixers: Parker *puts on Sixers hat... but conditional trade in place

Sixers have a trade in place with Utah contingent on Exum falling to #5. If Exum is available at #5 then the Sixers will trade #3 for #5 + #23. (Hinkie)

4. Magic: Vonleh

First surprise pick. Orlando feels Vonleh fits perfectly next to Vucevic, and feels they can address G at #12. They have Vonleh/Exum on the same tier, and chose big over small, known over less known. Also a bit concerned about Olidipo and Exum being a bit weaker as shooters as compared to slashers.

5. Jazz: Trades #5+#23 for Parker. Sixers draft Exum

Sixers pick Exum as their best player on the board after Wiggins and Embiid, getting #23 in the bargain. They will go to a 2 guard (or more) system with a target roster of players with length/speed/defense/interchangeability based around a core of MCW/Exum/Noel and hopefully Thad Young.

6. Celtics: Marcus Smart

The Celtics go with Smart and will eventually shop Rondo- unless they can pull off a trade for Love. Then it would likely be Randle for the T-Wolves. Will also consider a shock pick with McDermott

7. Lakers: Randle

Fill s a need and BPA and ready to contribute.

8. Kings: McDermott

Fits well next to Gay and Cousins. Will get a lot of open looks assuming Thomas/Gay/Cousins don't first decide they have a better shot.

9. Bobcats: Saric

Concern over fit issues with MKG and Gordon lead them to go for Saric and hope as a PF he can make their offense a bit more dynamic while not clogging the lane. Fits the MJ trend of trying to pick the unconventional superstar who has the "it" factor.

10. Sixers: Gordon

An easy pick for the Sixers (who would have Saric as their plan B), as Gordon perfectly fits the mold of a athletic, high IQ, 2 way player who can guard multiple players and turn steals/rebounds/outlets into high percentage early offense. Shooting will be a concern, but the Sixers have confidence that with patiences Gordon (and his teammates) will develop at least a reliable corner 3. In the meantime, the Sixers have shown their willingness to take their lumps for a year in the name of development. So projected starting roster: MCW/Exum/Gordon/Thad/Noel, with Gordon probably ultimately a PF once he fills out. There will be a whole lot of trapping a switching and running going on. Brett Brown coins the phrase "controlled chaos" to describe their prefered style of play.

The Sixers will still have picks 23, 32, 39, 47, 52 and 54. Their goals:

Draft another player who fits their multipositional athletic mold.

Possible targets at #23 (or trade up) will be:

1. Payne: great fit next to Noel. Can shoot while fitting their athletic mold. Age/experience actually valuable given the team's youth.

2. C.J.McDaniels: Potential eventual Thad successor. If he can develop a reliable corn 3, his defense and athleticism would lead to a hyper athletic lineup of MCW/Exum/McDaniels/Gordon/Noel. In 2 years that lineup would be the most athletic in the league, but it will be interesting to see how the score in a set offense. P&R everywhere...

3. Capela: A young Sam Dalembert in many ways. Could become an impact athletic PF/C off of the bench, and in a good developmental program in France where they could stash him 1-2 years.

4. Lavine: Another long freak athlete, and one who can shoot. Fits the mold and the Sixers have patience.

5. Kyle Anderson: Certainly does not fit the athletic mold, but is multi-positional and could be a value pick if he falls far.

With Picks #32 and #39 (or trading up) they will target wing shooters- and area of surprising depth in this draft. Also will be a critical area of need given it is their weak spot. They may ultimately need to address the issue with FA if their 2nd rounders don't pan out. Possible draft targets include:

1. Bogdanovic: Tremendous fit given his shooting, length and handle. Would be the perfect rotational player with MCW and Exum. Might be worth trading up a few spots given he will be appealing to SA and OKC.

2. Adams: Poor athletic testing could lead to him sliding.

3. Dinwiddie: A rich man's Elliot Williams?

4. Ingles: Incredible combination of size/length and skill who is a team player. Think Batum slowed down on and jacked up steroids.

5. Thanasis Antetokounmpo: Has a good support system in place (the Bauser couch.)

6. PJ Hairston

7. G. Robinson: Sixers family roots run deep.

8. DeAndre Daniels

They could also use one of their picks on a big, like McGary or Tavares if they see value. Also, some picks will be flipped for 2015 2nds, because Hinke.

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