Some Sixers stats

Most of these stats are taken from BR Reference, but a few are from (like the shot chart). Here are some explanations of some of the stats:

MOV: stands for margin of victory, refers to the avg differential in score for each game the team played
SOS: strength of schedule
SRS: stands for simple rating system. MOV adjusted by SOS
ORTG: how many points were scored per possession.
DRTG: how many points were allowed per opponent possession

TS%: a measure of shooting efficiency taking into account FGs and FTs
eFG%: like regular field goal %, but adjusted to give extra credit for 3 pointers
RB%: percentage of available rebounds grabbed
DRB% and ORB%: refer to defensive and offensive rebound percentage
AST%: percentage of teammate field goals a player assisted while they were on the floor
STL%: percentage of opponent possessions that end with a steal by that player
BLK%: percentage of opponent two point attempts blocked by that player
USG%: percentage of team plays ending in a shot, free throw attempt, or turnover by that player while on the floor
TOV%: Turnover percentage
2P%: percentage of made two point shots

WS: Basketball Reference's Win Shares; an estimate of how good the player is
WS/48: Win Shares per 48 minutes played
PER: John Hollinger's; an estimate of how good the player is

For more, see:


Sixersing: 1st Attendance: 29th

MOV: Last, SOS: 16th (hardest in East), SRS: Last

ORTG: Last, DRTG: 26th, Pace: 1st

eFG%: 29th, DRB%: 27th, ORB%: 22nd, TOV%: Last

Opp EFG%: 30th, Opp TOV%: 3rd most, Opp FT/FGA: 28th

2P FG%: 22nd, 3PA/FGA: 15th, 3P%: 30th

FT/FGA: 25th, FTA/FGA: 19th, FT%: 29th

Points: 19th, Assists: 15th, Steals: 1st, Blocks: 25th, Fouls: 6th most

Opp Points: 1st, Opp Assists: 1st, Opp Steals: 2nd, Opp Blocks: 1st, Opp Fouls: 15th most

Shot Chart:

5-9 ft: FGA: 11th, FG%: 21st

10-14 ft: FGA: 24th, FG%: 29th

15-19 ft: FGA: 29th, FG%: 23rd

20-24 ft: FGA: 29th, FG%: 28th

25-29 ft: FGA: 3rd, FG%: 29th

Clutch Situations (Last 5 minutes of a game with pt differential

Pt Differential: 18th

FG%: 2nd, 3P FG%: 3rd, FT%: 29th, EFG%: 3rd, TOV%: 24th, OREB%: 16th, DREB%: 24th

Opp EFG%: 9th (best at defending), Opp TOV%: 5th highest

Other stats:

11th worst SRS of all-time, 3rd fastest pace since 2000-2001, 2nd worst ORTG since 2004-2005

Players: I list exactly who I compared each player to next to their name. Keep this in mind, because who they are compared to can affect how good each player looks.

MCW: In order to compare MCW to other point guards, I included only the 55 guards who played 1000 mins and had higher than 5 assists/36 minutes. Note that this includes a couple non-PGs like DWade and James Harden, but the vast majority of the 55 are either point guards or combo guards.

Age: 3rd youngest (tied), MP: 16th, PER: 28th

WS: 47th WS/48: 51st OWS: 55th DWS: 16th


FG%: 43rd 2P%: 42nd 3P%: 52nd FT%: 49th

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 20th FGA/36: 11th 2P/36: 10th 2PA/36: 8th
3P/36: 46th 3PA/36: 43rd FT/36: 21st FTA/36: 10th

PTS/36: 22nd ORB/36: 1st DRB/36: 2nd RB/36: 2nd

Ast/36: 20th Stl/36: 7th, Blk/36: 1st, TOV/36: 2nd most, Fouls/36: 9th


True Shooting %: 49th Effective FG%: 52nd

Off Reb %: 4th Def Reb %: 2nd Reb %: 2nd

Ast %: 22nd Stl%: 10th Blk%: 1st

TOV%: 40th (from lowest), USG%: 14th

Strengths: Rebounding, steals, blocks, usage
Weaknesses: Shooting efficiency, turnovers

MCW: Compared to other point guards since 2005-2006. 36 rookie guards had greater than 5 assists per 36 minutes and played for more than 1000 mins.

Age: 21st (tied), MP: 10th, PER: 11th, WS: 25th, OWS: 33rd, DWS: 6th


FG%: 25th, 2P%: 21st, 3P%: 30th, FT%: 32nd

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 6th, FGA/36: 4th, 2P/36: 5th, 2PA/36: 5th,

3P/36: 21st, 3PA/36: 20th, FT/36: 7th, FTA/36: 4th,

PTS/36: 4th, ORB/36: 2nd, DRB/36: 1st, RB/36: 1st

AST/36: 11th, ST/36: 8th, BLK/36: 1st,

TOV/36: 34th fewest, Fouls/36: 9th most


TS%: 27th, eFG%: 28th,

ORB%: 4th, DRB%: 1st, REB%: 1st

AST%: 10th, STL%: 8th, BLK%: 1st,

TOV%: 19th lowest, USG%: 5th

Thaddeus Young: 94 forwards played 1400 minutes.

Age: 31st youngest (tied) MP: 13th PER: 34th,

WS: 63rd, WS/48: 81st OWS: 76th DWS: 50th


FG%: 61st, 2P%: 50th, 3P%: 49th, FT%: 66th

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 12th, FGA/36: 8th 2P/36: 27th, 2PA/36: 22nd,
3P/36: 36th, 3PA/36: 30th, FT/36: 50th, FTA/36: 52nd

PTS/36: 17th, ORB/36: 44th, DRB/36: 80th, RB/36: 64th

AST/36: 38th, STL/36: 1st, BLK/36: 62nd, TOV/36: 34th most, Fouls/36: 55th most


TS%: 81st, EFG%: 67th

OREB%: 45th, DREB%: 79th, REB%: 67th

AST%: 32nd, STL%: 1st, BLK%: 63rd

TOV%: 30th (from lowest), USG%: 20th

Strengths: Points, steals, usage
Weaknesses: TS%, defensive rebounding

Hollis Thompson: 94 forwards played 1400 minutes

Age: 8th youngest (tied) MP: 71st, PER: 9.5,

WS: 87th, WS/48: 87th OWS: 64th DWS: 93rd


FG%: 54th, 2P%: 38th, 3P%: 9th, FT%: 67th

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 92nd, FGA/36: 92nd

2P/36: 91st, 2PA/36: 91st, 3P/36: 33rd, 3PA/36: 36th, FT/36: 84th, FTA/36: 84th

PTS/36: 91st, ORB/36: 58th, DRB/36: 86th, RB/36: 78th

AST/36: 80th, STL/36: 47th, BLK/36: 89th, TOV/36: 89th most, Fouls/36: 46th most


TS%: 26th, EFG%: 15th

OREB%: 61st, DREB%: 86th, REB%: 81st

AST%: 83rd, STL%: 51st, BLK%: 88th

TOV%: 67th (from lowest), USG%: 93rd

Strengths: Shooting efficiency
Weaknesses: Pretty much everything else

James Anderson: 62 guards played more than 1000 minutes and had less than 5 assists per game

Age: 21st (tied) MP: 15th, PER: 10.9,

WS: 42nd, WS/48: 51st OWS: 37th DWS: 45th


FG%: 28th, 2P%: 5th, 3P%: 49th, FT%: 52nd

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 39th, FGA/36: 39th, 2P/36: 38th, 2PA/36: 46th

3P/36: 29th, 3PA/36: 22nd, FT/36: 55th, FTA/36: 53rd

PTS/36: 42nd, ORB/36: 18th, DRB/36: 14th, RB/36: 14th

AST/36: 41st, STL/36: 24th, BLK/36: 19th, TOV/36: 34th, Fouls/36: 42nd


TS%: 34th, EFG%: 24th

OREB%: 17th, DREB%: 14th, REB%: 17th

AST%: 41st, STL%: 32nd, BLK%: 15th

TOV%: 37th (from lowest), USG%: 46th

Strengths: 2P%, rebounding, blocks
Weaknesses: Usage, 3P%, FT%

Tony Wroten: 97 guards played more than 1400 minutes

Age: 2nd youngest (tied) MP: 76th, PER: 68th, WS: 97th,

WS/48: 97th OWS: 97th DWS: 83rd


FG%: 53rd, 2P%: 27th, 3P%: 96th, FT%: 95th

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 15th, FGA/36: 10th, 2P/36: 7th, 2PA/36: 11th,

3P/36: 85th, 3PA/36: 66th, FT/36: 17th, FTA/36: 6th

PTS/36: 20th, ORB/36: 6th, DRB/36: 41st, RB/36: 20th

AST/36: 52nd, STL/36: 25th, BLK/36: 34th, TOV/36: 96th fewest, Fouls/36: 18th most


TS%: 87th, EFG%: 85th

OREB%: 10th, DREB%: 45th, REB%: 24th

AST%: 50th, STL%: 31st, BLK%: 30th

TOV%: 87th fewest, USG%: 7th

Strengths: Usage, rebounding, getting to the line
Weaknesses: Shooting efficiency, turnovers

Since 2000, only 3 guards have had a lower WS than Wroten’s -0.9: Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, and Ron Mercer.

Elliot Williams: 62 guards played more than 1000 minutes and had less than 5 assists per game

Age: 21st youngest (tied) MP: 57th, PER: 57th, WS: 59th,

WS/48: 59th OWS: 53rd DWS: 60th


FG%: 41st, 2P%: 21st, 3P%: 58th, FT%: 51st

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 41st, FGA/36: 41st, 2P/36: 34th, 2PA/36: 35th,

3P/36: 44th, 3PA/36: 41st, FT/36: 20th, FTA/36: 17th

PTS/36: 42nd, ORB/36: 16th, DRB/36: 30th, RB/36: 29th

AST/36: 43rd, STL/36: 33rd, BLK/36: 53rd, TOV/36: 44th fewest, Fouls/36: 3rd most


TS%: 38th, EFG%: 45th

OREB%: 19th, DREB%: 33rd, REB%: 33rd

AST%: 43rd, STL%: 35th, BLK%: 56th

TOV%: 52nd, USG%: 42nd

Above average: getting to the line and offensive rebounding
Weaknesses: Fouls, turnovers, 3P%

Henry Sims: 35 centers played more than 500 minutes

Age: 4th youngest (tied) MP: 29th, PER: 21st, WS: 27th,

WS/48: 23rd, OWS: 19th, DWS: 29th


FG%: 27th, 2P%: 29th, 3P%: N/A, FT%: 14th

Per 36 numbers:

FG/36: 16th, FGA/36: 12th, 2P/36: 15th, 2PA/36: 12th,

3P/36: T-5th, 3PA/36: T-13th, FT/36: 6th, FTA/36: 6th

PTS/36: 14th, ORB/36: 6th, DRB/36: 27th, RB/36: 22nd

AST/36: 10th, STL/36: 8th, BLK/36: 32nd,

TOV/36: 9th fewest, Fouls/36: 9th most


TS%: 24th, EFG%: 29th

OREB%: 10th, DREB%: 27th, REB%: 23rd

AST%: 10th, STL%: 11th, BLK%: 32nd

TOV%: 7th lowest, USG%: 17th

Strengths: Turnovers, getting to the line, steals, offensive rebounding
Weaknesses: 2P%, blocks, defensive rebounding

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