76ers Rebuild Outsiders Opinion

Now to state this, I am a rockets fan (get out the harden defense jokes) that is familiar with how Hinkie does business considering he is a spawn of Morey. Now IMO the 76ers are in a very interesting position with a clean slate of a roster besides some talented building blocks which interests me from an outside view. Also IMO the 76ers are in a position to have the best rebuild out of the bottom of the barrel teams and become the thunder of the east.

Now to address their assets, the 76ers have their PG and C of the future in MCW and Noel along with a good 6th man in Wroten who impressed me with a triple-double at the beginning of the season against my rockets and a quality back up C in Sims. Then the rest of the roster is pretty much barren of talent (unless there is another player I over looked) which can be filled out with this draft and my personal recommendation to not trade up with the 2nd round picks. Unless you are Daryl Morey, 2nd rounders usually fall off the face of the earth after drafted however with the depth of this draft, riches lay await beyond the first round, making the best time to have a plethora of 2nds to fill out the bench.

Now to list the needs, assuming they draft wiggins to get their star SF, their missing starter would be a PF. Some want Gordon while others want vonleh, me including. The reason is gordon can't shoot at all and in the modern NBA, not being able to spread the floor for slashers is crucial to success and he is rather undersized, being a tweener at 6'8 to Vonleh's 6'10 and larger PFs would abuse Gordon with their height and size. (If the 76ers miss out on Wiggins, then taking exum and taking Gordon as the SF would be the next best decision). Many state Vonleh's ceiling is ibaka, getting 16/10/2 while spreading the floor and providing excellent D is fantastic to support your stars work and great star to draft.

Noah Vonleh would probably not be left on the board by the 10th pick, but a trade that would greatly appeal to both sides would be Thad (I know fan favorite but there must be necessary casualties of war and he has even said he doesn't want to be in this rebuild) and the 10th pick to the Sacramento kings for the 7th and a mixture of Travis Outlaw, Carl Laundry, Reggie Evans, or jason terry's contracts to make the cap work. The kings improve greatly with the perfect PF for cousins who is a good defender and shooter, and great rebounder with a positive attitude. They also get rid of less than desirable contracts while retaining a top 10 pick. The 76ers get a greatly talent player with loads of potential in Noah Vonleh. Now depth chart would be:

PG: MCW/Wroten

SG: FA or 1st/?




Looking at this the 76ers need wing and big man depth, and shooting. Preferably two way players like the starters.

The 76ers would have boat loads of cap going to waste but there is always a desperate contender looking to unload... enter the chicago bulls who said they would look hard for a place to trade boozer before looking at the amnesty option. Thus enter the 76ers who can flat absorb Boozers contract without sending cap back so the bulls can sign melo without any further moves. In the deal the 76ers would pull for a 1st and a second, but if desperate enough, might fleece them for both their firsts this year. You want an example of a trade like this, check out the GSW going after Iggy with a trade to Utah.

Giving Phili 2 firsts and 5 seconds with wiggins and Vonleh in the possibly deepest draft in NBA history. Along with enough cap space to overpay for a SG if you want in Hayward or Stephenson which has been debated in other topics and I don't feel like re-listing that.

Now the best bet for the 2 bulls picks at 16 and 19 would be TJ Warren and Adrein Payne for bench players. This would tremendously improve the bench scoring, shooting, and floor spacing, and add depth at the SF and PF position. While creating a legit second unit for which wroten to work with. Or you could spend one of those on Gary Harris should he fall there and get your starting SG who can light it up and provided space for MCW and Wiggins though I doubt it.

Next the five 2nds would be used for bench and development players. I am not the master analysis of the 2nd round, but from what I've seen, the best bets would be Thanasis as an extremely athletic two way swingman, patrick young with an NBA body even though only 6'8 brings intense defensive energy and a poor mans manimal. Isiah Austin might be a bit thin but 7'1 with a 7'3 wingspan, that doesn't matter. Even though his 3pt % was only 30, it is something to build on. He would be more of a development player but also a 3rd string center depth. For more shooting and SG depth, Jarbai Brown would be an option and there's still another 2nd to be used.

Giving a possible depth chart of

PG MCW/Wroten

SG Possible FA/Thanasis/ Brown (Pipe dream Harris)

SF Wiggins/TJ Warren

PF Vonleh/ Payne

C/ Noel/Sims/Isaiah

Along with an unused 2nd rounder I couldn't decide on, which one of you could give a player.

That's an utterly stack two-way and talented team giving Bret Brown plenty of work to create a eastern conference powerhouse that can contend for a decade after a couple of years of development. Not to mention imagine all ally-oops to Vonleh, wiggins, Noel, Thanasis, and young.

Now all in all, opinions, comments, discussion. Am I a crazy genius, delusional idiot, or do I really know nothing about yall's team and I should go back to that deserted cave which is now the dreamshake after our unexpected early season ending?

P.S. I got the chicage trade from someone else on this forum, who ever you are, you're a genius.

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