What are you looking for in free agency?

The Sixers are in the midst of a huge rebuilding project. There are a number of intriguing free agents available in 2014 that could make a varying degree of difference into how the 2014-14 season and future seasons turn out. Please vote in the poll to help decide who the best option for the Sixers would be.

1) Eric Bledsoe, PG, 6-1, Restricted FA.

Analysis : Bledsoe had a hell of a season putting up career best numbers in points, assists, FG%, and FTs per minute. His shot selection seems to fit perfectly with what the Sixers prioritize. He takes the majority of his shots on drives to the bucket and is one of the best guards in the NBA at getting to the line. His high steal and block numbers indicate his superior athleticism and he is still just 24. He would fit well with MCW as they are both capable defenders and Bledsoe's improvement from the three point line should allow passable floor spacing. Has missed half of 2 out of his 4 seasons to knee injuries. Most likely will take a max offer to bring him to Philly, affecting our cap space and flexibility in future moves.

2) Gordon Hayward, SG, 6-8, Restricted FA.

Analysis: A career 37% 3P% shooter who had a down year due to higher usage rates and lack of teammates to draw coverage away from him. I consider him to be a great third option scoring-wise on a contender. Also contributes with good passing, rebounding, and a good steal rate (1.4 per game in '13-'14). Thought to have the potential to be a good defender, to this point he has been adequate but not good. Great size for the SG position and still just 24. Will not require a max contract to obtain but may cost in the 12$ million range which will obviously be a large investment for the Sixers.

3) Lance Stevenson, SG, 6-5, Restricted FA.

Analysis: Stevenson had a great 2013-14 season. He is a stout rebounder and defender at the SG position. He shoots a decent percentage from deep and has been steadily improving each season clocking in at 35% this past season. He is just 23 years old and still has plenty of room to grow. He does come with well-known character issues, including most recently hitting Evan Turner in the face! Well done! Will cost more than Hayward in the off-season and considering the character issues, may not fit with what Sam the Creator is trying to build.

4) Ed Davis, PF, 6-10, Restricted FA.

Analysis: Davis's numbers were down across the board in 2013-14 due to a big drop in minutes from his time spent in Toronto. His defense was very good while his offense left much to be desired. The big man is still just 24 and the underlying per-minute numbers look very good. He would not cost nearly as much as the three prior entrants to this list and is definitely the type of player the Sixers are looking for without affecting their future roster flexibility.

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