Game Recap: Sixers Downed By Brooklyn; Winning Streak Snapped at One

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The #8 seed, Kentucky, is playing in the finals. There is hope for #8 seeds everywhere.

The Sixers never recovered from a sluggish first half, and dropped a 105-101 decision to the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers had six players reach double digits - including Hollis Thompson and his six triples (18 points for the night) - but it wasn't enough. Those who parlayed the Sixers and the Florida Gators tonight are probably drowning their sorrows in the dollar menu at Wendy's.

"What are you having, Bob?"

I'll take seven junior bacons, please. Let's charge this one.

"Tough night, huh?"

It was a certainly a balanced effort tonight. Along with Hollis Thompson, the incumbent Thaddeus Young dropped 20 points (8-18) with 5 boards and three assists. Henry Sims (11 points, 11 boards), Michael Carter-Williams (12 points; 3-8 shooting) with 5 boards and 11 assists, Elliot Williams (11 points), Tony Wroten (15 points), Gilliam (13 points), and Weatherspoon (15 points) helped keep the Sixers close in the second half.

The Sixers were hurt by the Ghost of 'Please, No. Not Him. Don't Draft Him' Past. Mason Plumlee, whose name around these parts was mentioned with the same disdain as Freddie Mitchell and Chris Boniol, dropped 16 points on an efficient 8-10 shooting in just 23 minutes. Plumlee wasn't probably realistically considered by the Sixers brass, but the LB comment section around draft time provided enough bulletin board material to last Plumlee three lifetimes.

But everything is alright. I went to a birthday party tonight. Kentucky and Wisconsin played a barn burner. Oliver, the puppy, only peed on my carpet five times this weekend. Life will go on. The Sixers will get better.

Marcus Thornton Update

Marcus Thornton had a particularly rough night. Maxwell-esque by definition, Thornton scored nine points but on 1-10 shooting. That's 10% for you scoring at home.

Arnett Moultrie Update

DNP - suspended.

LB Wife-yism

"The Sixers are still playing? Does this season ever end? Did Oliver just piss on the carpet again?"

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