What Would it Take to Trade MCW?

Michael Carter-Williams is the likely NBA Rookie of the Year. Most teams would make him an untouchable player. Sam Hinkie will not, and I guarantee that. Most teams would have made Jrue Holiday untouchable after last season. Sam Hinkie didn't. So, what would it take to trade MCW? I've put together three scenarios where Hinkie could make a trade involving MCW. Here they are:

Scenario 1: Trade up with Pelicans pick

So, let's say the lottery holds to form. The Bucks take Wiggins at 1. The Sixers like Dante Exum better than Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker. They take Exum. Now, if the Lakers are sitting at 6, and Hinkie really likes Noah Vonleh or Julius Randle, I could see Hinkie trading the Pelicans pick and MCW for the 6th pick and a future first round pick. This is the most unlikely scenario, but Hinkie might like that future first with the way the Lakers are going. This is by far the most unlikely scenario.

Scenario 2: Hinkie loves Dante Exum

Now, let's say the Sixers get the first pick or the team ahead of them takes Joel Embiid or Jabari Parker. The Sixers take Wiggins. The Magic are sitting at 3 or 4, and need a PG. Hinkie offers MCW for the 3rd pick. This gives the Sixers Exum. Obviously, this would only happen if Hinkie loves Exum and thinks he has a higher ceiling than MCW. Also, the Sixers keep the Pelicans pick. Can you imagine getting three top ten picks in the deepest draft class in years, not to mention two top three's. Hinkie might have to throw in some second-rounders, but this deal is the best for the Sixers in this type of scenario.

Scenario 3: Everything Goes Wrong

The Sixers get screwed in the lottery and land at number 5. The Pelicans wind up with the 1st pick. The Sixers offer the team with the second pick MCW and the 5th for the second pick. The Sixers take Wiggins/Parker/Embiid/Exum, and basically repeat tanking next year. This scenario would set the Sixers back years, and delay the rebuilding process. However, if the Sixers do get screwed in the lottery, Hinkie will have to consider trading MCW. No matter how much he likes him, you cannot come out of this draft and season with Noah Vonleh as your prize. Hopefully, this doesn't happen, as there is a less than 1% chance of this happening. And if this does happen, I will be convinced the NBA Draft Lottery is rigged.

Overall, the first scenario is unlikely and not a great deal for the Sixers. The second deal is a very good one for the Sixers. The third is a good one in an absolute disaster. Hinkie would consider all these deals and many more for MCW. I really doubt that Hinkie will be hanging up on anyone who calls about MCW on draft night.

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