Rants of a mad man

First off, I’m tired of reading the comments about the Sixers picking up a top free agent with all of our cap space. It ain’t gonna happen. No top free agent wants to come here to wait 3-4 years until the rest of the team gets good. They don’t want us. I don’t want them. Check back in 2016 at the earliest.

Which leads me to my second comment. We are going to suck next year and probably the year after that. For those who don’t want to watch another bad year, come back for the 2106-2017 season. Next year is going to be filled with high flying dunks, blinding fast breaks and ESPN top play highlights. But it will also be filled with bad passes, missed assignments, mental lapses and defensive break downs. And the bad will far outweigh the good. We will be in the lottery next year probably in the 8-10 range.

Which brings me to the draft. I totally agree with Chad Ford of ESPN in that our best choices are Wiggins and Vonleh. I don’t want Parker (but I’d take him at 3 if the draft gods are cruel), McDermott or, to a lesser extent, Randle. Those guys would help a team that is ready to win now. We are not. They would buy us some extra wins over the next couple years. We need guys who will buy us a lot of wins 3 years from now.

Some draft scenarios:

Lakers are screwed. They have the #6 pick and nothing else for the next 2 years. They have 3 players under contract and have to fill the rest of their roster with FAs or D-Leaguers (worked so well for us). And they probably want save what little cap room they have to get Love. Any FA that’s worth their salt will want some $ and also a multi-year deal. That leaves some bottom of the barrel players to fill their bench. The answer? Draft picks. Who has them? Us. Assuming they don’t trade the 6 pick for Love, I would trade our #10 and a second rounder for their #6 and Nash. They want to unload Nash’s $10 million and I think he would be a good mentor for MCW. I understand Nash doesn’t want to come here, he wants a ring. But if we agree to buy him out mid-year to allow him to sign with contender, it would be a great $6 million spent to let MCW learn from one of the best. Hinkie can find that cash in his sofa.

Suns have way too many draft picks. Their GM even said as much. 3 first round and 1 second this year and 2 first and 1 second next year. They want to bring in a couple veterans since the team is so young but has some real promising talent. Sounds like a good spot for Thad. I don’t think they would give up #14 but #17 would be nice. Thad is still young and would be going to a team on the up-swing that could be a perennial beast in a couple years (where-as we are at rock bottom). (Side note: If we could somehow get Laker’s next year pick from the Suns too, that would be a coup. It would require more than just Thad but it’s worth exploring. Hinkie, use your Jedi mind tricks.) With that #17 pick we take Grant (or BPA. I’m not sold on Grant but he is probably the best SF available at #17. Maybe McDaniels instead.)

So the roster would be: C: Noel, PF: Vonleh, SF: Grant, SG: Wiggins and PG: MCW. And they will suck next year. But will they be fun to watch! And with next year’s pick we get the best scorer available. Watch out 2016.

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