Worst case

If the worst case happens and we end up with just the 5th overall pick after the lottery the world will not end. I am confident that our overlord and mastermind the great Sam Hinkie has a plan for this. I am also confident it is a very good one. Not wanting to anger the overlord by guessing what he would do I thought it might be acceptable for me to say what I might do if placed in a similar situation. So any good leader has multiple plans or the ability to adapt to a changing situation while still placing the group in the best possible position. So I will give a couple of options that in my opinion help make this worst case just another step in the right direction.

The biggest thing is not to panic and assess our options and assets. What do we have that people want and what do they have that we want. In no particular order.

option 1: look to trade up into the top 3

The team has the assets to do this but at what cost. What and who are you willing to give up to move up. For me it would be anything short of MCW and Noel. If someone offered the #1 or #2 pick straight up for MCW I would most likely say yes but I would not trade Noel for anyone in this draft. Just my opinion I can se why others would I just wouldn't. Thad and draft picks could get us higher but I am pretty sure that would not be enough. I would be really happy if we could turn Thad and a pick or two into a top 3 pick.

Option 2: stay put and keep picks players we currently have.

This isn't going to be the splashiest move, but could prove in the long run the safest and best move given the situation. The team is rebuilding and it will take more than a year we all know this. So maybe acquiring role players and waiting for the right opportunist to arise is the way to go. In a year or two we could be in a Houston like position to add a couple of top 25 players through trade and F/A. Or maybe some of the lower picks or our #5 pick become a surprise star player. Either way the team has kept their options fairly wide open and are flexible enough to make moves to help make a jump. Basically the anti New York/New Jersey.

Option 3: keep the #5 pick but work to acquire another first round pick this year or a first round pick next year.

This is kinda of a combination of 1 and 2. It keeps you flexible, and could help improve the team right away. With this option the team does not make as a big splash as option #1, but is still aggressive in trying to improve the team. This might be the best option of all. Weighing risk and reward to optimize our chances.

Their are many more option just the three I liked the most. It would be great to hear som others or even specific trades and such that y'all would do if you were making the call in this situation.

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