Two Draft Opinions (Agree/Disagree?)

Second time writing on here, the first time being me rationalizing my irrational love for Zach LaVine. Luckily he seems to be coming out! LaVine The Dream lives!
Anyway, two recent Sixers-Centric draft ideas I have seen, both of which I have a hard time agreeing with. I love hearing responses, constructive criticisms, whatever, anything to get me to may 20th so we can start to speculate on who we pick based on actual draft position.
First: Today, somewhere I read that if Hinkie does not believe that Nerlens (Everyone should be on a first name basis with him) and Embiid can coexist, that the Sixers should trade Noel. I am of the completely opposite opinion. Both are coming off of injuries, but Nerlens has spent an entire year strengthening and bettering his game, and has actually improved his leaping ability, which was already one of his strengths. He has sat courtside at almost every game, and worked as hard if not harder than anybody else on the team. That is the kind if guy I want, not to mention his chemistry he already has with MCW.

Embiid, of whom i have no knowledge of his work ethic, is coming off of an injury that seems more of a precursor to possibly worse injuries than anything else. Stress fractures can be for a million and one reasons, not all of which are as cut and dried as a ligament tear. Also, Nerlens seems to be slightly more mobile than Embiid, and possibly a better fit in this current NBA. I think that a championship winning team has a solid, defensively intimidating third option type center, but wins on wing players in the end. That is what Noel is. Now, Embiid probably has significant trade value. Lets say, god forbid, we pick 4th. Out of Wiggins, Jabari, Exum, and Embiid, only Joel remains. I take him, and trade him. Lots of teams, such as a Bucks team, who maybe wants Giannis as their wing, would love a building block center, and maybe would swap their possibly higher drafted wing for Embiid and some other compensation. Anyways, would love to hear what you think on this front. Say we draft Embiid, is our best option :

A. Keep Embiid and Noel, hope for the best.

B. Build around Embiid as center of the future (I think to reach his potential, the ball must run through him)

C. Keep Noel, trade Embiid, build with MCW, Noel and a wing as a long, young, athletic big 3 type

Secondly, and i will keep this short because I will assume almost everybody disagrees:

I want Parker (If he comes out) over Wiggins at the moment. Now, Wiggins has turned it on big time, Ill admit. But at the Stanford game, he seemed kind of complacent. I know their defense isnt NBA style, but I would have liked to see him put his head down and draw some fouls. Even if the shots were not open, if you are debatably the most skilled player in the tournament, at least go down swinging. I realize too that Jabari did not set the tournament on fire. But he's driven. I want a guy that when we play a Lebron or Durant, goes in their face, A La Paul George. There might be a more skilled player here or there, but they have to have the fire to want the ball every play. This is the reason a guy (I know this is a weird analogy but I'm tired) like Patrick Beverley, who is an absolute gnat, maybe not the most skilled but wants to get in Westbrooks face all the time, is more effective in crunch time than Lin, who is likely a little better but extremely passive. I know Jabari will come in day one, wanting to take it right at every star in the league, and be the number one option. I think Wiggins could score 15 a game, but I dont see him taking the ball and making himself the number one option, which is important.

Might have dragged that out a little, but just trying to get my thoughts out there. Id love to hear your guys opinion on both of these situations, and if i missed anything i will try to clear it up.

Thanks for reading, 1 month and 9 days till we are really happy or really less happy

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