Full 2 Round NBA Mock Draft With Team Details and Explanations - Part 2/4, The Late First Round

If you have not read part 1 here is the link -

First off, I am sorry this took so long I was on a very important business trip and did not have much time.

15. Atlanta Hawks - T.J. Warren

Why: The hawks need another scoring option on the perimeter to pair with Jeff Teague and T.J. Warren the big 12 player of the year is the perfect option. He can score from anywhere on the floor and deserves to be taken highly. Additionally, after losing J-Smoove they need a forward.

16. Chicago Bulls - Nik Stauskas

Why: The Bulls' largest hole is at Shooting Guard and Nik Stauskas is a great option to take at number 16. He is an absolute lights out shooter and is the perfect replacement for Mike Dunleavy who will be retiring soon. Yes he has a few defensive deficiencies but that can be made up for with the stellar perimeter defense of Rose (yes I think he is coming back someday) and Butler.

17. Boston Celtics - Jusuf Nurkic

Why: The Celtics have no depth at big man and Jusuf Nurkic is the perfect option. They don't seem to be in a hurry to win soon and they can develop Randle and Nurkic into the next good big man duo in the Association. In addition, Rondo will have two bigs inside to dish the ball off to and with Rondo's passing ability this will create a lot of points.

18. Phoenix Suns - Montrezl Harrel

Why: The Suns seem to have their perimeter players figured out and Harrel would be a monster inside and on the break for the transition based Suns. Harrels relentless motor would fit perfectly into the Suns system and Bledsoe and Harrel would be the most athletic pick and roll duo in the NBA (aside from Chris and Blake).

19. Chicago Bulls - Jerami Grant

Why: The Bulls oldest starter is Carlos Boozer (I think?) and they need a Power Forward of the future. Jerami Grant is a project right now but with Boozer already in the lineup it will give Grant time to grow and tap into his full potential. Additionally, a Rose, Butler, Grant trio would be damn near unstoppable.

20. Toronto Raptors - Kyle Anderson

Why: To be honest, the Raptors will probably go big with this pick and I strongly considered Adreian Payne for this pick but I settled on Anderson because I think that the Raptors will go for the best prospect on the board and I strongly believe that Anderson is better than Payne.

21. Memphis Grizzlies - James Young

Why: The Grizzlies already have a solid defense and they need a scoring option on the wing and James Young fits that bill. As a guard/forward hybrid who has proved he can score I believe that he will fit in perfectly with Memphis.

22. Dallas Mavericks - Adreian Payne

Why: The Mavs probably want to take the best prospect on the board at this pick and that is Adreian Payne. Additionally, Payne is a senior meaning that he has already (theoretically) matured quite a bit and thus would fit in well with the veteran Mavs.

23: Utah Jazz - James Young

Why: Having filled out their backcourt with Marcus Smart earlier in the draft, they will want to complete their backcourt (I still believe that Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors can become a solid duo). And as a result, the answer is the talented swingman out of Kentucky. Young can score from virtually anywhere and would complement Smart and Burke well.

24: Charlotte Bobcats - Shabazz Napier

Why: Kemba Walker is a natural two guard and Kyle Anderson is a natural point guard. The quick and score first Napier projects to be a monstrous duo with the shooting of Walker and the slashing of Kidd-Gilchrist the Bobcats would be a formidable opponent.

25: Miami Heat - K.J. McDaniels

Why: The Heat are already a solid team and will want to pick for upside. Thus, K.J. McDaniels, he is an absolute freak and could be the future face of the Miami Heat

26: Houston Rockets - Jordan Adams

Why: At this point in the first round, all of the teams will want to pick for upside and like Jerami Grant, Adams is loaded with upside and will fit in very well with the rockets high octane offense.

27: L.A. Clippers - Zach Lavine

Why: People have Lavine going anywhere from top ten to mid second round, I personally don't like him as a player primarily because of his lack of minutes. Although I do not like him as a prospect, even I cannot deny his upside and who better to throw into Lob City then a super athletic shooting guard?

28: Phoenix Suns - P.J. Hairston

Why: The Suns actually have a pretty talented lineup and don't have many holes. Hairston can easily become a number two scoring option for the Suns

29: Oklahoma City Thunder - Elfrid Payton

Why: The Thunder are loaded and Elfrid Payton is the most talented pick here.

30: San Antonio Spurs - Cleanthony Early

Why: The Spurs have always gone with the safe option and Early is a great pick with good value at number 30. As an ultra quick SF/PF he will fit the Popvich mold perfectly.

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