mock draft 2.0

Just wanted to throw out potential sixers pick and besides the obvious just some players we might get that Hinkie might be looking at come draft day. Here is my mock draft comment tell me what you think.

1st pick: Andrew Wiggins. Although I think embid would definetely be a second choice here for hinkie I think because of the emergence of mcw , wiggins or parker fits what we need. potential superstar who can carry a load on offense. although wiggins can be more of a two way player, adding parker still gives us that uber scoring threat and all star to carry a team.

pels pick 7-11: I know many want vonleh here but I actually think we can find our pf of the future later in the draft. i will explain my reasons later. So with this pick it depends on if we get wiggins or parker. If we get wiggins i think hinkie will go for zack lavine. Why, because it gives mcw a shooter to pass to and opens up lanes for mcw to drive and it also gives wiggins a second scorer. Lavine has stuff to work on like weight, consistency but he has all the tools and work ethic to be effective and a can shoot right now.

If we get Parker I think Hinkie goes with k.j. McDaniels from Clemson. K.J. is probably besides wiggins the most athletic guy in the draft and is a developing shooter. Had huge jump in production from freshman season and is posting pretty good number this year. At 6-6 200 and room to grow he can match up against the more athletic guys parker might struggle with. He has serious potential and with our player development staff we could hit a home run with this pick. .

2nd round picks: This is where Hinkie has to see some serious value. I think there are guys in the later and early second round that might be 10-15 picks in first round but this deep draft are keeping them lower. They is probably no lance Stephenson's here but there are some chandler parsons and milsaps in the second round.

32nd pick: ISAIAH AUSTIN

I struggled between James McAdoo, trading this pick to move up, or picking Austin and I chose Austin. Although i think he probably can be had with the cavaliers pick I think Austin hast the most potential of all the pf in this draft. One he is 7 foot and although he is skinny his frame probably will allow 25-30 more pounds. he has a 7-3 wingspan and is pretty athletic for his size. he has a inside game and a outside game, he can use both hands and he has high basketball I.Q. he was projected to go in lottery last year and some places thought he could go top 5 but the baylor team as a whole struggled this year and I believe he wasn't used right . look at his scouting report, he does not have many holes in his game, he can rebound and although he is not a shot blocker he plays steady defense. He and Noel could interchange positions. On the player development side, he needs to get bigger and he needs to increase his vertical as his 7-2 wingspan will be the norm and not the exception in the NBA so he cannot just raise over players. he falls in love with his shot to much when he has a good array of post moves. One scout called him the next dirk although we have heard that before with many, if he keeps working hard he can be a pretty decent role player in the NBA, think more athletic Hawes with post moves.

39th pick: Trade!!!!! there are 2 things certain in the NBA with a salary cap, little flexibility and luxury tax. team like the clippers will not want to guarantee anybody and I see us giving this pick and some future second they will never recieve. With this pick if he comes out Andrew Harrison

The kid has serious potential but this was not his year. Many of these kids think they are the next Derrick Rose or Chris Paul went they get to the league and then reality sets in. for him it has already set in. He has it all, athletic ability, being the most important, he can shoot but gets streaky, little to much of a ball hog but if he works with staff there is potential there to become a above average player in this league. If he stays which he should I could see us going with Shabazz Napier or Vasilje Micic a international budding star.

45th pick: C.J. Fair

Again I though about trading this pick out but when i talked about chandler parson type players in this draft cj fair fits the bill. 4 year senior at syracuse who can shoot the ball, many here like rodney hood, too me they resemble each other, both average athleticy, very good shooters, cj fair probably playes better defense and rebounds better but he is also a senior with 4 years under a great coach as hood has finally found is footing at duke so that is not the best comparison right now. . Fair will be able to stretch the floor with the three and run up and down in bb system. He has shown to be very clutch this season and he projects to provide efficient scoring in the league with having to have a high usage and will do it within the confines of the system. He has developed a nice runner and is able to make shots around the key. Player development wise he needs to bulk up, he is pretty much plug and play as he is a senior and has probably reached his ceiling already so what you see is what you get.

47th pick: Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Come on Hikie, one of the better international players already plays for our D-league team. You can head up the thruway to see this potential NBA talent, He will be the new Thad Young.

56th pick: Trade!!!. The T-Wolves will be trying to do everything in there power to keep Love from signing with another team (sixers) in 2015 and that 17th pick and future second looks like it would be good enough for them to have thad young and this pick. With this pick we get Dario Saric.

Dario Saric will be our Manu. He can run, score, has the athletic ability to get to the rim and finish. Good passer for his position which will take heat off the backup pg and mcw. Player development wise is still becoming a complete player, not a very good shooter but can be worked on, needs to get some strength and bulk up. Has the potential to be the type of player that will change the game when the starters are struggling and looking pale and will come in and ignite a fire with couple of slashes inside to get quick buckets or open up the three point shooters to change the momentum of the game.

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