NBA Draft Pining: I Want Andrew Wiggins. Bad.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Like MJ bad.

FACTS: The Sixers are the worst team in the league. Well, technically they're not, but they will be. There are 21 games left in their season. 41 days remain until Brandon writes the final recap of their last game against Miami. 75 days until the NBA Draft Lottery decides our collective fate. And just 112 brisk days until the 2014 NBA Draft.

And as the title suggests, I have a burning sensation stronger than most UTI's for the sound mind and body of Andrew Wiggins.

This won't be an in-depth analytical piece. This will be basketball blood lust.

It's gotten worse as the months have gone on. What started out as a #missionWTF or #missionBJ want (ask somebody) has become all-consuming. Note the transition.


Becomes this:

Which becomes this:

And now this:

Which leads to this:

So not only has my fractured mind designated Wiggins to the Sixers, he's already won them a championship in three seasons.

It's gotten to the point where I would be disappointed with Joel Embiid. And I *love* Joel Embiid. I've watched almost as much Kansas basketball this year as I've watched the Sixers. Embiid will be great. Jabari Parker-- also great, and even better in some ways (far worse in others, hi defense). Coming away with either of those players would be excellent for the Sixers. And I'll be inconsolable.

Now that Team Chill has prevailed thanks to the actions of Samuel Delano Hinkie and his wrecking ball at the Trade Deadline, there's nothing to hope for in regards to the Sixers' own pick until the Lottery. They'll catch Milwaukee. They'll be the #1 seed. This stasis has only stoked the Wiggins fire in my heart. They'll need to get the right balls to land the first or second or mayyyyybe third pick for a chance at Wiggins. I'm nervous as all hell. 75 days.

I'm scared of what I'll do if the Sixers don't get Wiggins. The buildup inside me has far surpassed rational action. Odds of me executing a Kevin McAllister-esque plan to get him on the team are sky high.

This is a great draft with lots of high-level talent. But I only have eyes for one.

(well more like five, with the pelicans pick and all the second rounders and hey hopefully they package to move up into the first round and take like adreian payne or something, just spitballing here, you get the point)

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