My dream scenario(s) for this upcoming season.What do you guys think?

Pick #1 (ours)- Wiggins

Pick #2a (Pelicans, if between 6-10)- Vonleh (if he's there)

Pick #2b (Pelicans. if 11+)- LaVine

Pick #3 (Trade 2nd's and/or Thad to move back into mid-late first)- Montrezl Harrell

Pick #4 (Another trade into 1st b/c HINKIE)- P.J. Hairston (if he's there)


Pick #1- #WinlessForWiggins (nothing else to say)

Pick #2a- Putting Vonleh next to Noel will give us potentially the best front court in a few seasons as long as they continue to develop properly; which I believe they will.The things that Noel lacks offensively (at least that we know since he has been working on it, reportedly), Vonleh has and can grow into.Having to bigs that play like bigs in that they rebound and block shots,added to Vonleh's growing ability to stretch the floor,our frontcourt would immediately become a strength and not a weakness.That size and athleticism will be a problem for ANYONE especially the weak east.It also helps us matchup with the Heat and Pacers.Vonleh is tough and we need toughness down low.

Pick #2b- LaVine is a 6'5" combo guard with ELITE athleticism almost comparable to Wiggins. Add to that his very good shooting stroke and you have a "potentially" more athletic version of Steph Curry.Put THAT package next to our 6'6" point guard AND "our" 6'8" small forward in Wiggins and we're talking ALL the athleticism. It would awfully difficult too get good open looks when they decide to tighten up and ratchet up the defensive pressure.And having NN and Vonleh behind them allows them to take more chances.Imagine the transition/fast break highlights with those kinds of athletes running the floor?!?!?!?! YIKES. #LobCityEAST That's a scary thought for the defense and league.Especially if they develop and work hard.I don't see any way they don't with this staff and Coach Brown at the helm. He doesn't seem to be the type of coach that let's players NOT work hard.

Pick #3- In the NBA you need toughness.But not only that you need a goon.A guy who gives everything he has at all times,never stops hustling and working,takes no plays off, makes all the little plays that don't show up on the box score and just out works everyone else.When everyone else is tired he has another gear or 4 to go to.That's Harrell. Think an EXTREMELY athletic Reggie Evans.Add to that his emotion that just jumps off the screen and infuses life into your team.I want THAT guy! If I'm in a battle/war I want some soldiers to be in the trenches with me.These kind of players (David West's,Reggie Evans',Lance Stephenson's,etc) determine the physical and mental makeup of a team.And having a guy like that to come off the bench is a must have.He'll keep you in a game by himself with his hustle alone! AND he doesn't mind banging the boards down low? Sign me up!

Pick #4- I loooooove PJ Hairston.Again we need toughness (mental/physical) up and down the roster as much as you need talent. When you have to face a really physically and mentally tough team you have to match it man for man. This guy has been through some tough times and still hasn't quit.He can shoot/score pretty much at will.He is strong,athletic,tough as nails,and to me isn't a fake tough guy.Like Harrell, having guys like this on your bench to bring energy and fight to the floor EVERY night is a MUST HAVE on a contender. Think Night Shift 2.0 with more talent,instant offense, and athleticism, that's a core BENCH group that can grow as a unit and help keep things even when the starters need a rest.Hairston can just flat out get 'er done.He's the kind of guy I would start DAY ONE if you want LaVine to develop more and come off the bench or play in the D-League a while.He's already used to the NBA style and the riggers of an NBA-esque schedule.He's done it alreasy.So he has the mental make up you need,the skill you need,the attitude you need AND the ability......ME WANT


Starters(a)-MCW, J. Anderson, Wiggins, Vonleh, Noel Bench-Hairston, Harrell, Wroten, Kazemi, Sims, Richardson,Thompson, Mullens, Anderson

Starters(b)-MCW, LaVine, Wiggins, Sims,Noel Bench-Hairston, Harrell, Kazemi, Wroten, Anderson, Richardson, Mullens, Thompson

What do you guys think?

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