Bulls Down Sixers: A Blind Recap

Tonight's final: Chicago 91 Philadelphia 81. Here's a recap from those who watched.

Sometimes, there are other things to do than watch the Sixers stumble their way into a 24th straight loss. Life tends to get in the way. Tonight it was the hysteria of March Madness that was at the forefront of my attention. Jim Boeheim's Syracuse Orange weren't able to hold off the Dayton Flyers. Oregon went into the half up 12 only to find themselves engaged in a dogfight the rest of the way out. I hope you don't hold it against me for not necessarily paying the closest of attention tonight.

So for tonight, I'll let the people who spent their night sucked into the black hole that is Sixers basketball assist me.

Well, Wroten being out certainly doesn't help the Sixers chances of breaking their losing streak, but the fancy stats show it really doesn't help either. With Wroten's offensive limitations (including passing like he's playing in a Seattle Pro-Am) coupled with those poor statistics, I honestly wonder if he's got a future with this team. Do not be took shocked if the Sixers end up drafting a point guard relatively high in the second round.


Maybe it's just me, but I think the referees have done Carter-Williams no favors on either end this year. He's been on the receiving end of a ton of ticky tack calls, but can get destroyed taking it to the rim and the whistles are silent. As a young kid on a poor team, I imagine it has to be frustrating. However, MCW has done a real good job attempting to earn a rapport with the refs, and eventually I think it will pay off.

Put him on the long list of players who have learned to thrive under Tom Thibodeau. He was 5-11 from the floor for 16 points, and shooting above his career averages this season. He seems like a keeper for sure.

If you can't catch on in Philly this year, then you're likely not gonna make it anywhere. The Sixers OffRtg with Williams on the floor (88.9) and when he is off the floor (98.1) speaks for itself. He isn't doing too much to help.

Love so much. Keep him next year as a reserve for the simple fact that he likes playing defense.

Hate so much. Must go now.

Stay hydrated, you guys. It's going to be a very long 12 games. How long until the draft?

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