Full 2 Round NBA Mock Draft With Team Details and Explanations - Part 1/4, The Lottery

Hey Guys! This is my first fanpost and to kick things off, I will do a long full two round mock-draft including what I think the end of the season standings will be.

To preface this, I obviously know nothing about the results of the NBA lottery so this is the order I believe the season will end with.

1. Philadelphia 76ers - Andrew Wiggins

Why: The reasons are fairly obvious, there are recent reports that Wiggins is the Sixers top target and in addition we have a huge gaping hole at the wing positions.

How: Fresh on a 23 game losing streak our Philadelphia 76ers have a reasonably high chance of overtaking the Milwaukee Bucks to claim that wonderful 25% chance of winning the NBA lottery. Also, the Bucks play both the Kings and Cavs, both of which are very winnable games.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker

Why: As much as I love Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid, Jabari is the most NBA ready prospect and the Bucks want to win now (or so it seems) In addition, the power forward slot on the bucks needs fixing, they have their center of the future in Larry Sanders

3. Orlando Magic - Joel Embiid

Why: Heralded by many for the past months as a "can't-miss prospect" The Magic would love to obtain such a high caliber player and a front court of Nikola Vucevic and Joel Embiid would be a machine on the glass as well as complement their young budding star (Victor Oladipo) extremely well.

4. L.A. Lakers - Dante Exum

Why: Dante Exum has already clearly showed that he wants to be in L.A. and I believe that the feeling is mutual. L.A. believes that Exum will flourish under Kobe's tutelage (haha good one) but thats what they think. In any case, he has been training in L.A. and he is extremely talented.

How: I believe that L.A. will easily "out-tank" Boston and Utah for the fourth spot for one obvious reason. They want Exum. As a result, L.A. has entered full tank mode and will get the fourth spot.

5. Utah Jazz - Marcus Smart

Why: Marcus Smart is a leader. Trey Burke is not. It's that simple, I have seen Burke and while I believe he will be a solid player, he doesn't have the assassin's mentality that Smart has.

6. Boston Celtics - Julius Randle

Why: Julius Randle is an absolute beast. He rebounds like a monster and has the athleticism and size to be an elite NBA power forward. Boston may or may not keep Rondo but if they do, a Rondo/Randle group would be stuff to stop/

7. Sacramento Kings - Noah Vonleh

Why: After missing out on Randle the Kings will most likely be slightly bummed, but there's a silver lining. They can get a great Power Forward/Center who rebounds very well and can hit mid range jump shots consistently. Also, Cousins, Gay and Vonleh would be a beastly defensive trio.

8. Denver Nuggets - Aaron Gordon

Why: Aaron Gordon and the Denver Nuggets are a match made in heaven. The freakish athleticism of Gordon combined with the uptempo playing style of Denver will equal many highlight slams. The nuggets would be ecstatic to have Gordon fall into their laps

9. Cleveland Cavaliers - Willie Cauley-Stein

Why: Cleveland needs a big to pair with their guard duo of Waiters and Irving now that Varejao's career is coming to a close, their is no better option than the 7 foot rock out of Kentucky. Additionally, this team is currently very offensive minded and a defensive anchor in the middle would benefit them very much.

10. Charlotte Bobcats - Doug McDermott

Why: They are in the playoffs right now so they want immediate results. McDermott is a scoring machine and would complement Kemba Walker very well.

11. Magic - Tyler Ennis

Why: After snatching Joel Embiid early they will now take a guard. Oladipo is not a point guard despite what they think and Ennis would benefit them greatly.

12. Philadelphia 76ers - Gary Harris

Why: He is Bradley Beal. Additionally it would give the Sixers an outside shooter which they need badly. This shooter would give them better spacing as well as a drive and kick option from Carter-Williams and Wiggins driving to the basket.

How: Anthony Davis is a monster. That is the most simple way I can put it, with him on the floor they aren't losing too many games

13. Minnesota Timberwolves - Dario Saric

Why: Dario Saric fits very well into the T-Wolves system and they would also get the added benefit of being able to stash him while he develops over seas.

14. Phoenix Suns - Rodney Hood

Why: The Suns need a defensive guy and Hood is a 3 and D type guy. Additionally the Suns love to get out in transition and if you watched any Duke games you can see that he gets out and runs the floor.

Part 2 coming soon!

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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