I Require Andrew Wiggins.

It's official. I will be completely unsatisfied with this draft if we do not have the opportunity to draft Andrew Wiggins. Everyone else sucks and if we don't get him the team will suck for the next 10 years.

OK, no, but still. I need Wiggins. No one else is even close.

This is not based on whether Jabari Parker played like crap today. I never wanted Jabari Parker. He has slow feet and hates defense.

And this has nothing to do with whether Joel Embiid decides he's really not ready for the NBA. He is. And if he isn't, he's going to get ready faster with an NBA coaching staff and an NBA conditioning program. He's not a stupid person. Especially if he has some physical problems, he needs to come out like yesterday. But I don't want him either.

Even if both of them are available, and in perfect health, Wiggins has always been my pick. His otherwordly athleticism, nice all-around game, and defensive proficiency make me happy. No one else will make me happy. I don't care who they get with the Pels' pick, or if they trade up and get another mid-late first. If there is Wiggins, I am satisfied. If there is no Wiggins, I am not.

Yes. This is ridiculous. But this season has been terrible to behold. Some combination of Noah Vonleh and Gary Harris and Willie Cauley-Stein and Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott isn't going to get the job done after what we have been forced to sit through (Really? Byron Freaking Mullens? Why?!?!). All these gentlemen are fine basketball players who I'm sure will go on to have at least decent NBA careers, but none of them are anchors for an NBA Champion.

And in the end, this is why we're doing all this. To win a championship. Not to put together a nice collection of pretty good young players and watch them develop into decent starters or significant role players on a lower-tier playoff team. The New Atlanta Hawks, if you will. I want to be the New Oklahoma City Thunder.

I know I'm being irrational again, and Hinkie & Cie. will make the best of whatever situation with which they are presented, and they will consult the Magic Spreadsheet and pull out a pretty good player at 4 or 5 or whatever, regardless of who comes out this year, and the most useful player available at 10-11. And we will get to watch another season of Byron Mullens flailing around trying to catch passes from Elliot Williams and Tony Wroten charging recklessly headlong down the court to brick a wide open layup. And they'll trade Thad at the deadline for a bunch of second-round picks, and Hinkie will use them to trade up for someone who will be a useful role player.

In about three years, the Sixers will make the playoffs as like a 6-seed, with about 46 wins, and we will all get excited, until we realize that this is as good as it gets. And then Hinkie will ruthlessly trade MCW and Noel for The Next New Hope, and put together another team of Elliot Williamses and Brandon Davieses and Cowboy Dan Ortons for our viewing pleasure.

Levin will rejoice, and declare it "The Greatest Sixers Season Ever," and I will write this exact same FanPost, and everyone will call me negative and tell me I should have more trust in Hinkie.

So. Since I don't feel like writing this exact same FanPost again in 3-4 years, we have to have Wiggins. It's simple, really.

Wiggins good. All others, not so much.

In your heart, you know I'm right.

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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