why the 76ers are NOT tanking- and a solution to inequality in the NBA (Hint: the wheel and equal lottery are stupid ideas)

The problem in the NBA is not tanking. Tanking is not even the right word to describe what teams like the 76ers are doing. Tanking is purposefully loosing to increase a teams draft position (or chance of draft position). Tanking would be if the N.O. Pelicans- in an attempt to boost their shot at retaining their 2014 pick- lost out by taking Davis, Jrue, and Anderson out at critical moments in the game. The 76ers and Brown are doing all they can to win a game, but are devoid of the talent to do so. The 76ers traded their best players away for assets, players who would have left after this year, picks that may become cheap contributors. In doing so lost a good amount of talent. This is rebuilding- not tanking. (This still means that we can use #WinlessforWiggins because we all want that to happen)

Secondly the proposals to decrease the incentive in tanking may only increase the inequality in the NBA.

The wheel proposal

The Problem.

Lets take Miami starting in 2008 when they had the 2nd pick (Used on Beasly). Based off of a projected wheel (found on grantland) They would have held the 5th pick in 2013 and the 8th in 2012 (Picks Alex len and Terrence ross. Also available at the draft position were Andre Drummond, Ben Maclemore, Nerlens Noel, MCW, Jermey Lamb). In what world is it fair to give the Miami Heat any of those 2 young budding players?

Example 2 is Cleveland (starting with 2013 first overall pick)- under 500 mind you- would be looking at 30,19, 18 the next 3 years. That’s a tough draw for a team floundering as it is.

The flaw also continues to who comes out every year. You could get Bennet or Anthony Davis. The talent varies so much every year that it is impossible to have equal talent come out each year.

The Equal lottery


To make this simple lets look at the 76ers.

They would not have retained Hawes or Turner without overpaying them- there is nothing they could really have done to avoid their current situation (save for spending big last offseason on Josh Smith). Instead they would only be looking at 1-13 draft pick- where getting 13 could hamper this team for years to come.

My equally unpopular solution

6 franchises need to go.

Lets start with the benefits of such a solution. 24 draft picks in the first round. That means the 6 worst teams are getting 2 players of first round talent (based on the 30 picks as of now). Meanwhile you are talking about 60 players of NBA talent being distributed throughout the other 24 teams. Competition increases across the board because talent is increased across the board.

How do we choose the 6 to go?

I think the most fair way to choose 6 franchise to go would be a combination of 3 components- owners, fan support, team performance. Over the next 5 years, and looking back 20- the teams would be graded on these 3 area’s to decide the "worst 6".

How would players be redistributed?

Players would have the option of reaching free agency just as they would if their contract ran up and were leaving their current city for a new one. Players would also have the option of entering the draft with their current contract. This way a player such a McGee for the Nuggets wouldn't lose his contract if he thought a team would pick him up on it. This would be a great strategy for a Heat team who were in need of size and willing to spend money.


There would be outrage from these 6 cities and the playoff structure would probably have to be shrunk (Id say to a 6 team per league playoff). This would probably decrease revenue across the league. I would suggest that the NBA replaces the franchises with its D-League.

So which system do you like? Do you agree that there are 6 teams to many? Would you like to see player redistributed? Is the system broke at all? And would it be ok to bribe the NBA to make sure we get Wiggins? Let me know what you think below!

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