Sixers to work out Kevin Murphy and James Nunnally for possible 10-day contract

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Hold my excitement.

Though the trade deadline has passed and the Sixers are at the maximum of 15 players on the roster and they haven't won a game since Labor Day, Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown haven't stopped looking for diamonds nickels in the rough. Reports are coming in from Stein and Woj, separately, that the Sixers are trying out D-Leaguers Kevin Murphy and James Nunnally for the chance at a 10-day contract.

The Jarvis Varnado 10-day contract expires today, so we'll see if he gets re-upped. Saw some nice blocks from him but he's largely useless as an NBA player otherwise. Hinkie does love him some rim protectors though, so I would not be surprised to see the Sixers throw a cutting curveball and let Brandon Davies or Elliot Williams or Lorenzo Brown or, hell, Arnett Moultrie or Byron Mullens walk instead. Wow, that's half the team.

NBA Draft

Onto the workouts. Though I naturally love both players, I have no concrete opinion on either of them aside from yayyyyy D-League! so let's hit the streets for some takes.

Both guys came out in 2012 after playing four years of mid-major college ball. Murphy (Tennessee Tech) went 47th to the Jazz and Nunnally (UCSB, what up!) went undrafted, then bounced around Summer League and Europe before catching on with the Hawks in two 10-day's this season. Murphy's averaging a highly efficient 26 and 6 with the Idaho Stampede (green shot chart!), Nunnally's putting up a more role playery line of 16-5-2-1.

Nunnally has 54 career minutes in the NBA. Murphy, 52. Both guys are high on the D-League prospect list. Both are born in 1990. Both listed around 6'6. Murphy can score score score (as you'll see below) and not do anything else else else, Nunnally compared himself to Bruce Bowen. Both can shoot from the outside. Here's a heavy load on Murphy from SLC Dunk when the Jazz drafted him.

Here's Nunnally clumsily hitting a game-winner in the D-League a few nights ago:

And here's video of KMurph dropping 50 on Southern Illinois a few years back:

Watch out, NBA equivalent of Salukis.

Here are their best twitters:

Close call.

UPDATE: And Scott Suggs (UW) and Darius Johnson-Odom (Marquette)!!!

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