Draft Prospect Overviews

Just wanted to give a scouting report and overview on some of the top players in the upcoming draft who are likely some of the Sixers targets and also my personal rankings.

Jabari Parker F Duke 6 8" 235- 19.2 ppg. 8.5rpg. 1.3apg. 48%FG, 74%FT 36%3pointers, 1.2BPG

Obviously the numbers that jump out here are Parker's ppg and rebounds. Parker is a super versatile scorer who can score in every way imaginable. He has a great array of post moves especially for someone who's true position is SF. He is also a great ball handler and has underrated athleticism, he is best when he doesn't settle for jump shots and takes the ball the the hoop. Another great part of Parker's game is his rebounding, due to Dukes last of size he plays his majority of time at PF but also plays a good portion at Center. At the beginning of the season he was rebounding well but not great but as the season progresses he has become a beast on the boards especially lately grabbing double digit rebounds in 4 of his last 6 games and 9 and 8 in the two others. Despite his low assist numbers he is a very willing passer and sees the floor well. Where he does occasionally struggle is on the defensive end especially against long, athletic players. He is not often overpowered by strength but quickness and speed. While he isn't great defensively he is a very good rim protector for his size. While he is not a big 7 footer he still racks up a good amount of blocks.

Strengths: Scoring, versatility, rebounding, interior defense

Weaknesses: Perimeter defense, inconsistency

NBA Player Comparison: Carmelo Anthony, very similar players in many ways both very athletic, versatile scorers and good rebounders. One main difference is unselfishness Parker is a more willing passer than Anthony.

NBA projection: 22-28 ppg, 7-10rpg, 3-5apg, 1-2bpg

Overview- I believe Parker grades out as an all star caliber player from year one. He has the potential to become a superstar and likely a few scoring champions.

Andrew Wiggins SG/SF Kansas 6 8" 200- 16ppg, 6rpg, 1.7apg, 43%FG, 77%FT, 36%3Pointers, 1stl.

Wiggins was the poster boy for this years class and hasn't quite lived up to the hype although he is still putting up very good numbers. Wiggins is a freak athlete, their is no one better on the break running up and down the floor than Wiggins. Where he struggles a bit is in the half court offense. He is not a great shooter and often has long stretches without scoring. He can handle the ball well and is a very willing passer which is a good part of his game. Another strength is his defense, he is already a lockdown defender and can get even better because of his ridiculous athleticism. Another concern of mine with Wiggins is inconsistency it is not uncommon for players of this age to be inconsistent but while Parker is also inconsistent Wiggins takes it to another level. He has scored as high as 29points and as low as 3.

Strengths- Athleticism, Defense, Unselfishness, fast break offense

Weakness- inconsistency, inconsistent jump shot, half court offense

NBA player comparison- Paul George, this comparison was much harder to make than Parker but their are many similarities between George and Wiggins They are both great athletes, lockdown defenders, high flyer (dunking) and share the same kind of role as a SF/SG.

NBA Projection: 17-26ppg 5-8rpg, 3-6apg, 1-2 stl note:much of this is based on his development which is reasoning for such a wide ppg range.

Overview: Wiggins has huge potential and he could be anything from a good scorer and great defender who is normally an all star or he can be a big time scorer, lockdown defender MVP candidate and DPOY candidate.

Joel Embiid C Kansas 7" 250- 10.9ppg, 7.8rpg, 1.3apg, 62%FG, 66%FT, 2.6BPG

Embiid has unlimited potential, he has been compared to Hakeem Olajuwon because of his athleticism and ballerina like footwork. Embiid at this point is very raw mostly due to his lack of time playing basketball, the amazing part is how well he has played this early in his development. Embiid is a great interior defender and rim protector. Offensively he doesn't have a great array of post moves yet but has the potential to be a very skilled low post player because of his amazing footwork. One slight concern I have with him is that he is only averaging 7rpg for a player of his size and athleticism I would expect a bit more in that department.He is a surprisingly good free throw shooter for a big man at this age with such little experience which is definitely a plus.

Strengths- size, athleticism, footwork, defense, FT

Weaknesses- raw, low post game, experience

NBA Player comparison- (former player) Hakeem Olajuwon, Embiid has the potential to be like Olajuwon with his amazing footwork and athleticism. He also has the potential to be a huge rebounder like him.

NBA Projection: 14-22ppg, 8-12rpg, 2-4apg, 2-4BP

Overview: Much like Wiggins Embiid is all about development. He could be the next Hakeem Olajuwon or the next Hasheem Thabeet. He has all the physical tools to be a superstar but could end up as a complete bust.

Julius Randle PF Kentucky 6 9" 250- 16ppg, 9.8rpg, 1.7apg, 52%FG, 72%FT, 3TO

Randle is an absolute animal, he has a motor that never stops and is like a freight train coming down the lane. He is a very good scorer and he has a pretty good low post game. He really excels at catching the ball around the free throw line or top of the key and just putting his head down and driving to the rim. He is very athletic and is an average to above average defender. One of his best assets is his rebounding, he is an absolute animal on the boards and hustles for every loose ball. Where he really struggles is with turnovers. He is a turnover machine and often has trouble recognizing and passing out of a double team.

Strengths: Scoring, rebounding, effort, athleticism

Weaknesses- turnovers

NBA Player Comparison: Zach Randolph this was a tough one to decide but he is a more athletic version of zach Randolph. They have similar sizes, body type and play style.

NBA Projection: 16-22ppg,9-13rpg, 2-3apg, 1-2bpg

Overview: Randle has the potential to be a consistent all star and great hustle guy. He is likely to be a top 10 scorer and rebounder year in and year out. If he can develop a jump shot and fix his turnover problems he can be deadly.

My Rankings-

1. Jabari Parker- I like him the best because I think he's the best scorer in the group, great rebounder, versatile and is very safe with MVP upside.

2. Andrew Wiggins: this is mostly on potential, I think he has the most upside of the group but on the other hand he's a little bit of a risk.

3. Joel Embiid- this is based purely on Potential, obviously if you can get someone like Hakeem Olajuwon you do it but on the other hand their have been many instances with developmental centers that failed miserably most recently Thabeet and with a high pick in a draft like this you can't afford to miss.

4. Julius Randle- I love Randle he has a great motor and is already producing, he has the potential to be a great player just not quite as much as the other 3.

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